Now it’s time to fly! Zipline in Krabi through trees, open ravines, through narrow passageways and even along a mountainside. You’ll even climb up gargantuaous trees to go from platform to platform; twenty in total.  The thrill of this zipline adventure is sailing above it all some sixty meters high and at a distance of two hundred and fifty meters. It will be the most exhilarating twenty five to thirty seconds of your life. You’ll never forget this part of the journey.

Therefore for adventure seekers Zipline in Krabi excursions are scheduled so that each group of people booked are scheduled at various times throughout the day. This gives you a V.I.P. experience and leaves you with the sense of being about just you and nature. You’ll be able to take your time, relax on one of the many platforms and take in the scenery of Krabi. The Thai guides will swap stories with you from their homeland and welcome hearing stories from your homeland too.  Although many of these incredible athletes may never leave amazing Thailand you will be pleasantly surprised at their language aptitude. No matter what country you are from there will be a guide that can speak English. Not only will they answer the questions you may have but they will also share local culture and tell you lots about your current surroundings.

If however you only have a few days to spend in Krabi and are looking for an activity for only a short while, this will leave you satisfied. Also if you want to book your day early, don’t worry you can visit the website and book online.

Trips start at only 1,200thb/person