For many people, a vacation is all about taking time to find your best self. While some of us may have a regular wellness regime at home, others might appreciate a new setting for the “kick start” it can provide. Many people come to Krabi to come back to themselves, and practicing yoga in Krabi is a great way to focus on health and find your center. Because this beautiful province hosts a number of options, you can experience Krabi yoga in the way that’s best for you.

Yoga in Krabi For Your Best Self

Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people are turning to this exercise for its physical benefits. But there’s something more to it than that – as any somewhat experienced practitioner will tell you. It’s not uncommon for someone who’s taken up yoga to experience profound changes in their life. Different styles of yoga have different benefits. Therefore, Krabi yoga centers offer a variety of methods to lead you to your best self.

It’s become almost common knowledge that “yoga”, in its beginnings, was not referring to exercise at all, but to meditation.

But what is yoga, and what happens when you practice it? Many yogic philosophies have made their way to us from ancient times. It’s become almost common knowledge that “yoga”, in its beginnings, was not referring to exercise at all, but to meditation. Mixed and blended over the centuries with religious elements, different branches of yoga emerged. As with all philosophies, some parts of the practice became more popular as others fell into obscurity. Working our way into more modern times, physical parts of the practice became more pronounced, eventually giving us the postures that we recognize today as “yoga”. Even though this ancient practice has evolved into something quite new, yoga centers across the world offer practitioners a taste of the profound. Therefore, physical postures become a moving meditation. Yoga in Krabi is no exception.

yoga in Krabi
Yoga is a great way to stay in shape, clean the body and mind while practicing in a non harmful way.

A Moving Meditation That Changes Your Brain

It’s clear that yoga differs from other physical activities because of its emphasis on mindfulness and attention. No matter what style you’re practicing, awareness is usually placed on the breath. Combining movement with breathing patterns can have an acute effect on how our brain receives the information. Practicing a challenging posture while maintaining a calm breath teaches us to remain relaxed in stressful situations. This practice can seep into other areas of our lives very quickly. Therefore, yoga practitioners experience benefits both on and off the mat. Additionally, the serene environment of this coastal province provides a calming backdrop to face your physical and mental challenges. Practicing yoga in Krabi can have effects lasting well beyond your vacation.

Practicing a challenging posture while maintaining a calm breath teaches us to remain relaxed in stressful situations.

As with any exercise, your level of commitment will dictate your success. Many people come to Krabi for yoga retreats, hoping to give themselves a “reset”. A taste of what this incredible practice has to offer might be just what you need to turn your rut into a groove. Hopefully, a dedication to your best self will be cemented during your Krabi yoga practice, and will foster a lifelong commitment. Combined with breath, discipline, open-mindedness and exploration, your Krabi yoga experience can have many far reaching benefits. You may find that you feel inclined to return again and again, hitting the “reset'” button as many times as you need!

acra yoga in krabi
acroyoga in krabi, there are many disciplines of yoga, which is the best for you?

Which Yoga Style is Best For You?

Of course, not all styles of yoga are appropriate for every body. Communication with the teacher is important. Any injuries or restrictions can be discussed in an introductory conversation. Take a moment to learn about the types of movements that will be practiced, and their intensity level. It’s important to remember, however, that yoga teachers are not doctors. The best thing you can do in a yoga class, whether you are a beginner or a pro, is to listen to your own body’s signals. Because this can lead to a more intimate relationship with yourself, it’s the beginning of a successful yoga practice!

Yoga in Krabi – A Holistic Holiday

Yoga in Krabi is available across the province. Many popular destinations offer yoga as part of a commitment to health, healing and holistic wellness. Your experience here doesn’t have to be all about the beach – you can use your time to improve your health and find more peace in your life. Therefore, if you’re heading to Krabi for a range of activities, find some drop-in classes nearby! Alternatively, you could choose to book an immersive retreat, to find that total reset you’ve been looking for.

Book an immersive yoga retreat in Krabi to find that total reset you’ve been looking for.

Our Mini-Guide to yoga in Krabi covers the best options for your wellness regime, wherever in Krabi you might be heading. Choose a center based on your destination, or choose your destination for its yoga! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, yoga in Krabi has got something for you. See you on your mat!

Yoga in Krabi Town

1. Green Yoga

Green Yoga in Krabi Town is the city’s premier yoga destination. With twice daily classes on weekdays, you can schedule in your practice during your stay in Krabi Town. Green Yoga is the province’s leader in Laughter Yoga, a modern yoga style that harnesses the power of endorphins to improve your health and mood. Laughter Yoga is delivered through a series of well-prepared exercises, working actively with the mind-body connection. Because teachers at Green Yoga are so passionate about laughing, they offer a free Laughter Yoga class every Friday night. Alongside physical postures and meditation, expect a well-rounded yoga experience.  A visit to Green Yoga in Krabi Town is the perfect way to keep you feeling joyful during your holiday. For more information visit their facebook page here: Green Yoga

Yoga in Ao Nang

1. Bliss Tribes

Bliss Tribes builds their business model on love and dedication to our highest selves. They offer “a la carte” services such as private and group yoga classes, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Tibetan singing bowls. On a retreat, you can expect immersions in all of these, as well as mindful movement and meditations infused with love and care. With a strong focus on holding space for others, Bliss Tribes embraces the concept of a personal journey. They bring this concept to life in retreats designed to foster individual growth. Drawing intensely from the power of nature, Bliss Tribes tailors their services and retreats to enhance our connectedness. For more information on yoga classes, Reiki sessions and healing retreats, see the Bliss Tribes website at

2. Ao Nang Yoga

Ao Nang Yoga is the community’s leader in drop-in yoga classes. Combining physical postures with traditional practices such as mantra and pranayama, you’ll receive versatile and well-structured classes at Ao Nang Yoga. Because the studio’s owner embraces an attitude of open-mindedness, you’ll see tradition mixed with methods such as laughter yoga and modern fusions like yogilates. Daily meditations help you feel grounded and content in the present moment. Ao Nang Yoga also offers 100 and 200 hour yoga teacher training programs for those who wish to learn more about the practice. Available in English and Thai. See their website for more information at

3. Marina Yoga & Reiki

Offering affordable yoga and meditation retreats, Marina Yoga & Reiki has been in operation for over ten years. With a relaxed retreat schedule, guests can come and go as they please, attending twice-daily yoga classes at their leisure. Because of a revolving roster of teachers, classes here are always different. Meditation is emphasized in the evening, while the daily schedule includes hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga. The center also offers a teacher training program and individual healing sessions such as Reiki and sound therapy. For more information, please see their website at

Yoga in Koh Lanta

1. Oasis Yoga

Located on Klong Dao Beach, Oasis Yoga in Koh Lanta draws from the healing nature of this beautiful island. Embracing the changing nature of the practice, the teachers share their love of yoga with you in a beautiful open-air, bamboo yoga shala. Oasis Yoga welcomes practitioners of all levels, encouraging you to be as you are. Their bungalows come in a variety of styles, and guests are invited to participate in a range of yoga classes during their stay. Retreats book up fast, and offer extras such as tours and yoga workshops. See their website at

2. Lanta Yoga

Lanta Yoga has built their yoga shala in a private setting, in the hills and amongst nature. Created specifically to give guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of tourist life, Lanta Yoga helps you clear your mind and relax your body. In partnership with the Fruit Tree Lodge, guests of the lodge receive discounts on yoga classes. Once a month, Lanta Yoga offers retreats to guests looking for an immersive experience, focused on “moving meditation”. For those not staying at the lodge, drop-in classes are available in singles or packages. The lodge offers a popular cafe and beach access. Please see their website at