So you’ve got a bulge right? you’re bigger more tired eat plenty more and overall well feeling very much unlike your normal self. Before you had this little one growing you felt energetic, your days would be spent running, exercising playing on the beach and so much more, but now it’s all changed. Does it have to?

Now that your stomach is getting bigger by the day certain things will become less and less easy for you to achieve physically, this is just a part of the process. That being said things which become more difficult are not impossible. One of those things is yoga. You’re body is larger yes, your weight has increased, your bones feel brittle so you cannot get back on the mat and do your standard poses and certainly not to the same rhythm, but with time and practice you will be surprised with what you can do in only a short amount of time.

According to leading scientists general consensus has been reached that yoga and simple exercise routines when done properly can have actually a beneficial effect for both you and the little one growing inside of you.

Certainly because of certain physicality’s you are simple unable to perform the same poses and feats as you were before but there is still a huge number of poses and fitness activities you can do.

In fact Yoga during pregnancy has been fund to help babies during their development stage as well as later during the actual birthing, as it stretches muscles, increased flexibility and strength. So not only can you do it but in all fairness you should do it!

Lets go over some of the basics. Pregnancy is split into trimesters, each trimester brings with it certain physical as well as physiological changes, each trimester therefore has certain poses and positions which are ideal for your body at that point in time.

Lets start with the first trimester, your body is beginning to change, your stomach is growing yet you don’t usually see too much change in your actual size. During this time it is good to focus on primarily on standing poses as they will strengthen your bones, enhance circulation and also generate energy (from the increased blood flow), some people have also reported that standing poses have helped to reduce leg cramps. During the second trimester your body will stage to show more signs of growth and therefore more focus should be put on siting poses and and poses which don’t put too much strain on your legs. Also during the second trimester you should start to focus more on your breathing. During your third trimester you should be focusing almost solely on breathing techniques, poses of almost any kind can be strenuous on your body but you should be the judge of your body, if it feels alright then by all means proceed but generally speaking standing and even sitting poses are typically too difficult for most woman at this stage of their pregnancy.

There are actually a number of yoga teachers that will actually teach classes for women who are pregnant, catering the poses and class towards the needs of the soon to be mothers. If you have the chance please inquiry around at some of our local yoga studies in Krabi and Koh Lanta to see if they have any upcoming classes.

Marina Yoga

Soi 1 Ao Nang, a 5-10 minute drive from most of the resorts in Ao Nang, but Marina offers you free pick up and drop off

Green leaf yoga

Krabitown, next to Chao Fah pier, above Krabi Exotic Decor

Oasis Yoga

Khlong Dao beach area of Koh Lanta, towards the north of the island

These are the main yoga studios which can help you get your yoga fix but if they are busy, too full or if you just want to do some stuff alone, then here are some options to try out on your own.

Tree pose:

Yoga tree pose

Best for the first trimester as it will stretch your legs and arms and allow for greater overall circulation.

Warrior pose:

Best for first trimester as warrior pose acts on the hips flexibility as well as strengthening your legs.

Modified chair pose:

Yoga chair pose

Good for second trimester as it reduces tension on the legs while still stretching the upper body and increasing circulation.

Downward dog:

Yoga downward dog

Recommended for second trimester as it will strengthen the shoulders while stretching the legs.

Sitting pose:

Yoga sitting pose

Recommended for their trimester as this pose will have minimal impact on your body and will allow you to focus on breathing while relaxing.