When the nation of Thailand is mentioned there are a few things that will instantly come up when describing this incredible country. Food! Yes, the food in Thailand is delicious. Thais have an insatiable flare for creating incredible edible masterpieces. Not only for the foodie but for the one who eats with their eyes first. Thailand is known as one of the top countries in the world for fruit and vegetable carving art. It’s also known as being the land of smiles. A nation full of friendly people who seem happy and cheerful most all the time. The country is lush and green, beautiful beaches in the South and incredible mountains and cooler weather up towards the North. A country leading in the philosophies of Buddhism.  A place where many come to discover a “Zen” state of mind.

One thing often overlooked as a big draw to this nation are relationships. Many people flock here specifically with ‘relationship’ in mind. Some with absolute intent for them to be very short lived.  While others come seeking to find a partner for life. This nation experiences different individuals who walk the Thai soil as in any other country. Let’s take a quick look at a few examples of relational expressions that we see in society today; even here in amazing Thailand.

Single for life: This is the individual who can’t imagine staying bound to one person for their entire life. Does not feel the need for long term commitment no matter the duration; either short or long.

Marriage: This individual believes in the sanctity of marriage and values commitment and monogamy in their relationship. Entrusting themselves to one individual for life. With the belief that their life partner shares the same value.

Swingers: Married couples in agreement to go outside of their marriage commitment for acts of intermittent relationships or sexual exploits. A changed mind as to what they may have committed to when they first married. That being bound together in love for one another, forsaking all others and living solely with and for this other individual has now been modified towards ‘live in the moment’.

Anything goes: This individual looks at relationships with what is often called the ‘free spirit’. Plays by their own rules as are befitting for one’s self. These rules are subject to change at any given time depending on how this individual feels at present.

The seeker: This individual has his/her personal desires and boundaries. Yet, is growing and experimenting.  Sometimes with great personal success and at other times, great emotional turmoil.

Who Gets To Make The Rules - Krabi Wellness

Thailand is not immune to seeing all of these types of relationships within the borders of this incredible nation. Both from within its borders and from foreigners alike. I’m sure that you yourself may have met these types in relationships and maybe even others not aforementioned. The question when it comes to relationships globally? Who gets to make the rules, enforce them and encourage them to be the ones worth following? The answer comes as a two edged sword.

Relationships are extremely hard to navigate through because you are faced with the opinion and will of another human being.  Unless you spend time to really get to know this individual you have no clue as to their relational compass.  Even if you do, because each person is growing at different rates in time, even then you may face some incredibly painful experiences at the end of another person’s behavior. You’ve got a world of people with different relational viewpoints. Each one executing them through life experiences, following others examples, using relationships in trial and error, behaving impulsively with relationships. You may hold one view and this new relationship may hold another. It can get quite tricky. People wind up on the couch in a counselors office getting help to navigate through the relational havoc and heart breaking experiences. Hoping to pick up the pieces of what seems to be a ship wreck of the soul.  On the other hand there are those who have learned to navigate through relationships fairly well. They are listeners and communicators. Individuals whom have learned what matters most to them. Having discovered their own relational navigator. When relationships come their way that do not present the same relational language or values, they are happy to allow this individual to be someone that they met through their life’s journey. Now this comes with practice for everyone. No one is exempt to a little or a lot of heartbreak as they strive towards their sweet spot in relationships.

As you make your plans to venture towards the “free land” check the gauge on your relational thermometer.  What you deposit here and what you receive can be the very thing needed for you to have the experience of a lifetime here in the “land of smiles”. Relationships matter and you can be a part of making one that shines like the sun setting upon the Andaman Sea in amazing Thailand.

by Zina Docto

Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN”: Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out: overcome weight issues, sickness and disease.

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