Krabi Shopping Guide


Krabi is well known for it’s stunning beaches, it’s fantastic nature and scenery, but what if you’re into another side of Krabi, maybe a little window shopping?

With Krabi’s growing tourist market so to are the amenities which Krabi offers its millions and millions of travellers every year. From the general resort facilities and sheer number of resort to choose from to the new tours and activities available. Then there is another kind of amenity, massage, restaurants and of course souvenirs and retail shops.

Thailand is a country full of handicrafts created locally and typically also sold locally, sometimes items are shipped nationally to other provinces or possibly even internationally (rarely) but usually each province has it’s won typical handicrafts which can be bought only in that province. When you browse the streets in search of little trinkets, clothes or larger items you will be happy to know that a wide range of the items on display in Ao Nang are actually made locally.

Krabi being a province which contrary to other provinces throughout the kingdom has a diverse unique population share by two major religions, Buddhism and Islam there are many unique foods and souvenirs which exhibit these two groups.

DeCare Pharmacy Krabi

Getting beat up by the sun? Well you’re not alone and thats why you can see aloe vera on sale all over the place. It’s a great antidote for those long hours under the sun, and don’t be fooled, you need it even if your not lobster red, it works wonders at skin rejuvenation, so next time your under the sun grab a bottle from DeCare Pharmacy and lather it on next time your out under the sun. DeCare Pharmacy is also a great go to place for a number of pharmaceutical needs. As opposed to the states and European regulations there are many more over the counter medications available throughout Thailand, in addition pharmacists are knowledgable about sicknesses and can recommend medication on the spot, saving time and the hassle of having to go to the doctor and get a prescription. DeCare Pharmacy is one of the friendliest English speaking pharmacy in Ao Nang. With two locations in Ao Nang they are easy to find and their staff are always willing to help with any ailment.


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Krabi night market

One of the great places in Krabi to visit and catch some of the great souvenirs made by local people in is the Nightmarket or Walking Street as it is called by the locals of Krabi. The night market is located in Krabi town and is open only on the weekends from 7pm – 10pm. locals craftspeople there are able to rent tables and stands where they can present their creations. The unique thing about this place is that the craftspeople here are by in large the same every night there are some people which come and go. This creates an atmosphere where you can always be surprised in what you’ll find for sale. The Night market is also a great place to grab a bite to eat and watch a performance, the food offered at the night market is widely diverse and encompasses everything from traditional Southern Thai curries to northern Thai Khao Soi to Esan style sticky rice with Laab dishes, it’s all at the night market. Find them on the map:

 8.063985, 98.915825


Aonang souvenir shop

Then theres the great pakarang souvenir shop right on Krabi river, located a short 100 meters from the rivers edge the pakarang souvenir shop is a great place to get a bag, a mango wood bowl, a classic zippo lighter or maybe one of great shirts or pairs of pants on display. The best selection thought is by far the bag selection. A certain kick back to a time of old, the bags resemble those found commonly throughout the 60’s & 70’s. The shop is one of the oldest in Krabi town, founded by it’s owner over 30 years ago. Since its humble beginnings offering only simple handicrafts and paintings it’s grown into a medium sized shop featuring an upstairs coffee shop with balcony dining and also a small library next door. The library at this moment is one of the few available in Krabi and has books in a range of languages such as Swedish, German, English, Spanish and much more.

 8.064480, 98.917474


Krabi 69 Slam

Krabi is a province with over 100 islands dotting the waters surrounding meaning there is plenty of waters to snorkel in and beaches to explore. But what if you forgot your swimsuit, or maybe your luggage was lost by the airlines or more commonly you just want a new look. Well Ao Nang’s newest shop has your answer. 69 Slam was opened just easier this year by a forward thinking couple who wanted to bring attractive swim and beach wear to Ao Nang. Founded in Bali some 20 years ago 69 Slam operates in locations all across South East Asia and offers a range of swimwear for men, women and kids along with attractive bags, shirts and even a line of clothes made from bamboo.



Just some regular street side knick knacks, You’ll find these temporary stands set up throughout Krabi, they usually are erected in the evening an close in the wee hours of the morning. They offer a range of goods from colourful soap carved into flowers to hand woven bracelets. You can find some of the handicrafts here:

 8.035575, 98.818985


Krabi Xxact

Looking for some fashion, well then head over to Xaact in downtown Ao nang next to the famous Starbucks. A large brand name clothing maker in Thailand, Xxact has locations throughout the kingdom and stocks the latest trends in fashion. Coming in at regular western prices be prepared for higher than expected price tags but with this added cost come a lot of added value. The clothing stocked at Xxact is a high quality product which will last you many years to come.

 8.032871, 98.825459

No matter what your needs are, Ao Nang and Krabi can help you find what you need.