Krabi the emerald of the Andaman has such a wide range of foods and flavors to try, from the curries and the soups to the sun-dried street food and the plethora of rice based dishes. The range of flavors is immense here, but something stands out above the crowd, the seafood.

The province spans over 300 kilometers of coastline and is home to over 100 islands so the people who have lived here for generations have depended on the sea to fill their families tables.

Now with modern farming techniques the farmers which traditionally relied on the sea to provide all of their catch are turning to a range of inland aquacultures to augment their salaries. A number of shrimp farms have popped up over the past few decades and have provided the farmers with a stable comfortable standard of living. While keeping the visitors to Krabi the chance to taste more of the provinces bounties.

Enjoy Krabi and it’s many wonders, the hard working people who have built this province to what it is today are invaluable, due to their hard work we can all enjoy our time here even more.