Thailand has an allure that draws people from countries and continents near and far. A place that people experience what life was like decades ago. A place of serenity and a slow pace. Where life seems to slow down and inner peace seems to speed up.

Thailand has quickly become a destination for the faint of heart and those having lost their zeal in life. Offering an invitation to come and experience a time of reflection, self-examination and self-discovery. To put aside the things seen and journey into the things unseen.  Personal retreats of every kind imaginable are being made available to those longing for a change of scenery and even more so a change of life. Whatever your fancy or whatever your folly there’s a retreat available for you.

Krabi WellnessWellness programs are now not only exclusive to individuals or couples but is now even moving into the market place. Corporate wellness retreats are on the rise as many companies are now bringing into the workplace a wellness culture. This move towards wellness has been well receive and is growing and to no surprise, as most individuals spend on average six to eight hours in the office each day. Your office becomes your community, an influential surrounding, and a place of pleasure or pressure. Adopting a wellness program produces healthy staff and team members. This benefits in less sick days, a boost in company moral and employment retention. Employees feel a sense of belonging, appreciation and mindfulness from their employers.

Taking wellness to heart you can experience fitness retreats where participants can get introduced to personal workout plans or experience a retreat to enhance their current physical fitness regimen.  Dietary retreats are offered that provide guest a time of eating clean, whole fresh food, education towards proper eating habits, experiencing juice cleanses and even classes to teach you how to prepare healthful meals upon return to your homeland. Most of these retreats address the physical dimension of who we are. However many are finding this to not be enough as they are seeking out retreats that address the emotional and spiritual aspects of oneself. Yoga retreats have taken on a whole new face over the last decade or two, with young and old going on holiday to exotic Thailand to receive Yoga teacher training certifications. Beyond Yoga there are also other retreats that provide its clientele opportunity through personal Life Coaching, guided meditation, and other modalities to learn inner focused self-examination. These retreats are helping to bring their guests to a place of discovering inner peace and personal direction. Direction in their personal and even professional lives.

Krabi WellnessRounding out retreats in Thailand we have discovered that there are only a handful of programs that cater to the whole person. Using a holistic approach, addressing mind body and spirit. These few personalized programs are created around a menu of services that each induvial can choose from based on their own personal needs and desires. These programs are very successful as they address each aspect of its guest’s lives. Whether you feel the need to address weight loss, sickness, overall education, physical fitness, emotional balance, personal direction or inner peace there’s a wellness program for you in amazing Thailand at one of these rare retreat sites.

If you are feeling the greater need for a holistic approach to center in on the whole of you Ao Nang hosts the only holistic retreat within the entire Krabi region.  A place to be served right at your personal point of need. If you’re making plans to come to Thailand then plan a wellness retreat that could make your experience in the “Land of Smiles” life changing.

by Zina Docto

Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN”: Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out: overcome weight issues, sickness and disease.

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