Railay Beach Walking Street – A Great Shopping Street

For such a small place, Railay Beach certainly has its fair share of shopping – you can get just about anything here. Its two halves feature distinctly different vibes. Meaning that you can go from backroom, budget finds to the opulent and extravagant, simply by walking a few hundred metres. While the concrete walkway of Railay East plays host to a number of small shops, restaurants and other businesses, the real beach vibes are to be found on Railay West. On railay West a super-cool walking street tempts you with all the food, drink and clothing you could desire, all with your toes still in the sand. You’ll find the arched entrance to the walking street flanked on both sides by the Flame Tree restaurant – popular both because of its ace location and menu selection. Though you might be tempted to grab an icy fruit shake and go back to frolicking on the sandy beach, surrounded by colourful limestone towers. We encourage you to go further; Railay Beach walking street has much to offer.

Walking down the small strip, your senses will be keyed up with all the food and shopping options. Takeaway food stalls abound, offering beach-friendly treats, frozen drinks and fresh coconuts. It’s likely you could come here without packing a bag at all. Simply arrive with your shoes only because the shops are bursting with desirable beach fashions such as sarongs, sunglasses, souvenirs and sandals. All this and more are there to tempt you with their promises of a laid-back look. Because of the location, you will pay slightly more for shopping here, but somehow the clothes just seem more beautiful. Walk even further back and you just might get sucked into the easygoing beach bars offering pleasing adult beverages and maybe some other indulgences. Music and all the vibes you can handle in one bar; the Black Pearl, visit it to learn more. The Black Pearl is constructed entirely out of driftwood to resemble a giant pirate ship. You’ll also find a whole host of other amenties, such as a fully-equipped clinic, massage parlours, jewelry shop and even a tailor and a shooting range. With so much to offer the beach-going traveler, Railay Beach walking street is a fantastic surprise in a place of unrivaled natural beauty.