The jolt of energy running through your cup, the black goodness you love and need every day to get those eyelids apart, the great stuff, Coffee.

Where is the best spot to get a cup of this “black gold”?

We’re not only talking about the taste, we’re talking about a range of variables all playing essential roles in a great cup of coffee, flavor, strength, color, price, quantity, texture are the main parameters we use to determine the perfect cup.

  • Flavor, a great cup of coffee should have a rich roasted, almost smoky flavor, a certain bitterness should be evident (if you don’t drown it out in sugar).
  • Strength, a certain strength is necessary to make a cup of coffee great, after all you are drinking this stuff for a jolt of energy, so whats the point if it doesn’t do it’s intention? Not too strong though, we typically prefer a 70-75% arabica to a 25-30% robusta bean blend. Robusta is a stronger bean much richer in depth and strength, and has a super bitter and caffeine bite. Arabica is a more mild bean, more commonly throughout the global coffee market, due somewhat to marketing but also to the worldwide pallet. a nice blend between these 2 beans is a fundamental building block to the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Color, This is somewhat objective, some prefer it jet black, others prefer a brown cream, yet some (few) prefer a milky white color to lick the sides of their cup.
  • Price, an area of great importance but often left out of the ranking system for coffee, our price range for a cup of coffee is 40 – 60THB (about $1.2 – $1.8USD).
  • Quantity, Nothing drives you crazier then the last sip of a great cup right, well that sip is inevitable what can we do, it’s always something to consider, if you get a great cup but it a tad larger than a shot of expresso, whats the sense? Our perfect sup is somewhere between 150ml-200ml.
  • Texture, the last, yet maybe the most important detail to consider in a great cup of coffee. The flavor, the burst is instantaneous when you take a sip, but what about lingering? Does the liquid stick to your teeth and leave you with the occasional reminder of the cup you just finished? Well in our opinion a great cup shouldn’t “stick” too long, if you get a chalk like feeling on your teeth making them feel brittle and weak, then it’s not in the running for a great cup of coffee.


In our opinion, a great cup of coffee to be sure to have while in Ao Nang is at the U&P Bakery, located just outside town on the main road going through Ao Nang.

You can also get sandwiches, croissants, cakes, bread and much more, so take your butt for a little ride and see what we’re talking about. How does U&P coffee hold up to your standards?