Instagram filters for virtual space, how about board Shorts for real life filters?

Todays generation ever changing and evolving faster and faster, and the world engaging in a more connected existence. There seems to be that need to stand out, to make oneself stand above the crowd, to be an individual and define yourself. With nearly 8 billion people on planet earth it’s getting more and more important for each and every one of us to define ourselves in some way or another, to be an individual and have a voice, 69 Slam was founded to offer that voice.

With the onset of facebook back in 2004 and it’s subsequent growth over the past decade it’s now the worlds leading online social community. Inside this community there are a number of celebrities who have defined themselves on the platform by their looks, their content and their personality. Many of these celebrates have grown their ‘brand’ by their loud, in your face happy and fun personalities.

69 Slam Krabi AoNangThese new online personalities which have overflowed from the online world have seeped into mainstream society with many of them owning their own clothing lines, selling merchandise and sometimes even getting their own network show on television. No matter their platform, their media, their place, their message always remains constant with their brand. This new definition of a brand is highly important in todays fast moving world, it keeps the viewer and fan grounded in what to expect with the new release of a post, video or product.

A brand is defined by the people who adopt it into their lives, who uses their apparel, who used their product who listens to their advice or service, the customer is who defined a brand. The customer is who the brand is originally built for, but the renewed strength for a brand is only made by the acceptance of the people who buy it and continue it’s life, the brand adapts and changes to demand and over years of fine tuning a well defined product is born.

The same year facebook was launched a clothing line in Bali was born, a clothing line that like facebook was focused around a younger generation of people who wanted to define themselves in various ways. 69 Slam offered people the opportunity to stand out. To be free to say something in an unaltered and not necessarily overpowering way.

We all go to the beach for one common goal, to have fun! It’s fairly simple, to just enjoy yourself, spend time with friends and maybe meet some new ones. 69 Slam was founded to encourage people to do just that, to go out and have fun on the beach, to talk and interact with others in a fun and inclusive way. The attire is focused primarily around bright colours, highlights and happy faces, The brand’s logo is an idea cream cone come-on, who doesn’t like an ice cream in the heat?

What makes the clothes pop? Well it’s good we touched on this because as the saying goes ‘beauty is only skin deep, simply don’ts ring true for this brand. The clothing line uses all

69 Slam has since expanded to a number of locations throughout the region and beyond. There are currently 69 Slam shops throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam but there are also branches in Dubai, Germany and Japan as well. 69 Slam has also sponsored a healthy number of professional athletes and is always looking to expand it’s brand and message to a wider audience.

Ao Nang’s flagship branch was opened just 2 years ago directly across the Krabi Resort in Ao Nang. It’s owners are a couple from Italy and Thailand and have big plans for 69 Slam in Krabi. They have just opened their second shop opposite the Phra Nang Inn in Ao Nang. The couple is also looking to open a monthly pool party sponsorship in the area, offering party goers, locals and travellers a place to meet and socialise in a comfortable and inclusive environment.

69 Slam Krabi AoNang

69 Slam is perfect for the young generation of (party-goers and happy life enthusiasts, world travellers) (not backpackers) who travel the world in search of adventure and thrill, a generation who is looking to make memories and seek adventure in every place they visit.

Although 69 Slam is marketed toward a young demographic it doesn’t mean anyone else cannot buy their products. Putting on a pair of board shorts, or bikini which is outfitted with teal elephants or multicoloured monkeys on it can make you feel like going will and running into the ocean or more. There is no saying what the brands fun loving potential can have on it’s patrons, are you game to find out what effect it will have on you?

To visit 69 Slam in Ao Nang, visit either of their locations in Ao Nang:

1: Opposite Krabi Resort
10 am – 11 pm

2: Opposite Phra Nang Inn
10 am – 12 am


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