Catfish farm in Krabi

A lesser known highlight in Krabi, the Catfish farm. Founded some 20 years ago by a Thai and American couple who wanted to preserve nature and offer people something unique. At the Catfish farm in Krabi you can see large ponds overflowing with a wide variety of catfish species as well as tilapia and massive gourami fish. They even have a large 1.5 meter 200 pound arapaima in one of their ponds. Although theses fish are massive and take a lot of food to maintain, the farm sells small packs of fish food to customers. You can buy a small packet for 50thb and throw a handful in every pond. All of the fish are always on the lookout for a meal, so be aware they’ll follow around each pond with their eyes. Sprinkle your food around at the various ponds and you’ll get to enjoy the fish splashing around and wrestling. If you are coming with children it’s a better idea to buy 2 packets.

Other creatures to see

There are some other animals to keep your eyes out for while at the Catfish farm. Keep your eyes open for the crocodiles, box tortoises, free range chickens and goats and most of all the resident pig who wanders the park or sleeps on the side of trails. All of the animals present are incredibly friendly and can be approached without worry. But the food at the entrance is only meant to be given to the fish.

There is a river running through the park which widens at a few small waterfall locations. If you bring your swimming trunks you can get wet under the canopy of the Krabi jungle. 

Next door dining

There is also a beautiful Thai restaurant just next door on the edge of the river. With great views of the river flowing past accompanied by the sound of water flowing. It’s a great place to refuel your tanks after playing around and exploring the Catfish farm in Krabi.

With bags of fish food costing only 50thb each and no entrance fee it’s a great cheap place to visit for a few hours or longer.