Umberto’s new kitchen is now open for business.

Internationally acclaimed Chef and restaurant owner Umberto has just opened his new masterful creation at Umberto’s Italian Kitchen this month.

Leaving his kitchen in Italy some 15 years ago Umberto travelled the globe in search of great food and atmosphere. After coming to South East Asia Umberto first stopped in Singapore where he worked as a variety of locations, but still he felt unsatisfied in Singapore. Soon after he travelled to Krabi where he sowed his seed some 10 years ago and opened a local Italian restaurant.

“The Tsunami of 2004 was a difficult time for all of us” Umberto tells, “but we pushed on. “I have always been one to try new things and give them all of my energy and power, so when facing challenge I only get more energy and motivation” Umberto continues. “This is what led me to open my beachfront business Sala Bua & Lo Spuntino Restaurant which was operated with a friend for a number of years. Then it was time for another change. The Red Devil was opened in 2012 when I craved a place I could come and hang out with friends in a relaxed and comfortable environment without blaring music and bar girls, but there was nothing, so I opened it myself and gave my new business the name The Red Devil.”

The Red Devil was in operation for over 3 years where it become one of the most popular restaurants on Trip Advisor and among Ao Nang locals. Serving affordable, authentic Italian cuisine with traditional Italian street songs to serenade patrons as they dive into a dish of pasta or crack fresh black pepper over a salad. The Red Devil has become a staple in the Ao Nang community for the dedication Chef Umberto and his staff have for their food they prepare. In addition Umberto knows the value of customer service and therefore makes it a point to personally visit each visitor to his restaurant to make a recommendation off the menu if needed, or to have a quick chat.

Now it is time for the next step on the staircase for Umberto.

Taking on a new friend an partner Umberto has decided to take his culinary expertise to the next level. His new restaurant is nothing less than spectacular as it offers the same great menu selection as the former Red Devil plus a number of new items, such as their freshly grilled salmon steak served with fresh steamed vegetables or a huge platter of mixed cheese and fresh cold cuts named the Montebianco.

The location for Umberto’s Italian Kitchen is stellar; comfortably located only walking distance to a large number of hotels and guest houses in the area makes getting to Umbertos Italian Kitchen to try some of his amazing food has never been easier.  Located directly between Ao nang and Noppharat Thara beaches Umberto’s Italian Kitchen is on Klong Heang road next to Pakasai resort and The Best Western.

A more upscale style has been given to the new location, a wider selection of wines are now available as well as a range of seating options for those with families, couples or simple casual business lunches on a quite side street.

With an huge menu of traditional Italian dishes, homemade pastas, and desserts as well as a range of imported Australian meats and of course a hand picked selection of fresh Andaman seafood, there is a little of everything for everyone at Umberto’s Italian Kitchen.

“I want to crate an experience for people, where they can feel the same experience and warmth they felt at The Red Devil but in a different location and with different kind of ambiance” Umberto tells. The new location is like stepping into a little piece of Italy, stained glass windows adorns the southern facing wall, and the front of the restaurant is completely open to the fresh outside air, allowing fresh cool air to flow in and the the scents and smells from the kitchen to waft over the passerby’s as they wander the streets outside.

Truly a culinary experience to behold Umberto’s Italian Kitchen will not disappoint anyone looking for a good meal in a warm inviting atmosphere.

Open daily from 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

You can reach the staff to make a reservation by calling


or by going to their website:

Umberto’s Restaurant Krabi