A day’s outing on the beach, away from it all and just pure bliss, Tubkeak Beach is located a convenient 20 minutes from downtown Ao Nang. It can easily be reached by motorbike, taxi, or car. The 20 minutes might seem like a little hike when you have Ao Nang beach only a short 10 minute walk from your hotel or villa. Rest assured, the 20 minutes you’ll spend on a bike or car is well worth the trip.

Tubkaek (Tup Kaek) Mini Guide
Krabi Tubkaek

Tubkeak Beach has a huge row of large pine trees that enclose the beach and offer visitors nice, natural shading. Although the beach is in the presence of many of the big end 5 star resorts of Krabi, there is still a few local restaurants where you can gorge yourself with fantastic cuisine.

The resorts on Tubkeak Beach are Tubkeak Sunset Resort, Tubkeak Boutique Resort, Anyavee Tubkeak Resort and The Amari. Visitors to Tubkeak Beach have full access to the restaurants at any of the above mentioned resorts. The food is a certainly worth the trip – at any of the restaurants, the dining is exquisite and watching the sunset melt below the horizon is truly a sight to remember.

We personally recommend you take a trip up the Naga Trek. It is a hiking trail which has its trail head just beyond The Amari resort. This trail head can be easily reached by taking a motorbike past the resorts, continuing on the only road coming through Tubkeak, which ends about one kilometer after The Amari. There is a park ranger present who will take your name prior to embarking on the mountain. Also, there are modest drinks and snacks available at this checkpoint.

Tubkaek (Tup Kaek) Mini GuideThe trek itself is a highlight for Krabi. One of the must-do activities in the area. Climb to the top (about 600 meters above sea level) and take in the vastness of the landscape. Catch a great snapshot of you and your climbing partner sitting on the rock ledge (the famous photos to get at the top of the mountain). Then climb down and dive into the rich saltine waters of Tubkeak Beach, sip on a margarita from Anyavee Tubkeak Resort and just let the day melt away into night.