very women has a dream. These dreams vary for every women, some like to imagine hiking mountains, some dream of being a corporate CEO’s, others dream of living in a small house in the countryside. Above all else is beauty, and one thing that many women share is their desire to be beautiful and to capture the attention of their significant others.

Experimenting with different parts of the body and different mediums is a great way to find a desired image. Changing the color and length of ones hair, painting fingernails with interesting patterns and designs, trying different foundations to find ones true complexion. It’s all part of the process of finding ones image and transforming into it.

Krabi TransformationBut a much more interesting prospect is when the game is turned professional, proper artists can understand your face, colors, shadows, areas to highlight and generally bring out your beauty you might not have known exists. Who is ready to change your image completely and radically is a person who will continue to try different designs and looks in order to find that perfect image.

See and create a new YOU – an easy, bright and beautiful self, we all have this person inside us, sometimes it needs the right guidance and coaching to bring out.

This past month I helped a number of women transform themselves. It was an amazing  experience and one that taught me more about myself and how to help others. No special occasion was needed, just spending time with some truly remarkable woman and helping them see another side of themselves they never knew.

Stepping back in time 6 months ago, I was a young mother in constant concern. Was my daughter alright, did she have enough food, was she playing enough, was she ok? The more time I spent on her, the less I spent on myself and this I noticed everyday I looked in the mirror. Then one day came, and the desire to spend the day in a special way popped into my mind, a day for nobody but me, a day when I could feel the way I wanted to feel, beautiful. To escape from the everyday worries and feel like a confident, beautiful woman, I didn’t know what I would do, but after meeting a young and talented photographer I knew photography was the secret.

The Transformation Zina Docto

Getting in front of a lens allowed me to open up more and see another side of myself. Looking at the photos afterwards gave me perspective and It showed me how taking a few steps back and looking at myself from the outside could change my whole image.

Krabi Transformation

The photos which I saw afterwards astonished me. I didn’t think I could look like that. After my experience I wanted to share this feeling with others. Then the idea was born; get an education and learn how to create beauty in anything. I decided to focus on makeup and also the art of hairdressing.

Soon after I successfully graduated from makeup and hairdressing school I began inviting friends to join me in my project to share the same experience I enjoyed. Thus was born the transformation project.

The Transformation

From the traditional looks of soft skin and sheer determination to ragtime flapper girl and runway concept fashion photography I had a wonderful time working with a range of women. Showing their inner beauty and bringing out the fire in their eyes. It was a great experience working with these people and I look forward to more women who also want to see themselves transformed.

The process of sitting down with a person, looking into her eyes, studying the curves and shapes of her nose, neck, eyebrows and everything else was like reading a blueprint. Seeing where I need to add foundation, blush, color tones and so on was just the beginning, it is like reading a book, the curves are the vowels and the shadows are the the exclamation points. What I need to fill in and what I wanted to make standout become clear as I study a face. It is a wonderful experience transforming people and is one I want to keep on giving and sharing with many more.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the transformation project get in touch with me:


The Transformation

A story by Anastasia