It’s never too late to start again…

Here we are again at the beginning of yet another year. Without even having to mention it or hear it, there’s an internal alarm clock that goes off in each and every one of us. The alarm is loud and for many very very annoying.  This alarm is the alarm for “change”.  We begin to wrestle with self-examination. Did we meet our personal goals, lose the weight that we keep saying we need to shed, deal with that one relational issue that we absolutely know has got to be resolved for a better relationship? Did we start working on the new business idea we’ve had for what seems to be forever, book that dream vacation, and pay down our credit cards? Let’s be serious here, we know the list goes on and on. Let’s just shut that alarm clock off for a moment and take a look at why we might have been in such a pickle all year long and why it may appear that so many others have met their marks last year and why you have not.

When we look at the world we must realize that there are a lot of people on it. Many of those people are making the changes necessary for them to be fulfilled in their personal life journey.  While on the other hand many are not; plain and simple. If you were to put 20 people in one room and place them under the proverbial “New Year’s Resolution” microscope you will find that some of them were successful at their resolve and some were not.  Don’t be so hard on yourself if you are on the ‘not’ side of resolve. People are individuals and they are all on their own personal roads of self-discovery, maturity, self-discipline, vision, ambition and checking off their bucket lists. For us to compare ourselves one to another is something that we must be mindful to not place too much weight on. Much of our personal growth comes by personal revelation and motivation. People are inspired, motivated and equipped for personal success in different ways and at different times. There is not a magical barometer that gadgets when this happens for each individual. And every man’s personal success or failure, if you will, lies within their own hands.

Train the brain - Krabi

If you’re looking at the New Year holding your breath and feeling defeated before you’ve even begun, let me give you some words of encouragement.  There are some factors that might be against you and you’ve never even realized it.  In today’s day and age we have more resources and directives than at any other time in history. People have found themselves looking to technology to assist them in making changes in their life. Many people have found themselves stuck in the “Horse and Carrot” syndrome. They go to the internet and begin to research on how to make specific personal or professional change. Maybe they will need a coach, a counselor, a doctor, maybe a self-help book, maybe this or maybe that. They find the direction needed to get them up and over that personal obstacle. The excitement motivates more study more searching, when suddenly the euphoria drops and absolutely nothing happens; absolutely nothing. Having an overload of information suddenly drained their emotional energy and instead created paralysis. Within no time at all something else becomes the new thing to research, to study, to discover, to overcome. All to the same end.  You see, the horse and carrot. The horse keeps chasing the carrot but never is able to be satisfied because little did he know, the carrot was held by a string always just outside of this poor stallions reach.  We like the horse have so many options available we often find ourselves more confused than when we first started seeking solutions to the obstacles. Let’s take weight loss for example. Every year or two there is a new diet trend being marketed on the mainstream. When people look at these multiple options they often times don’t know where to start, how to go about applying the new fad or craze. They are afraid they will make the wrong choice, fail at yet another attempt towards weight loss. So instead, they make no choice at all (which, by the way, is a choice). Which keeps them heavy hearted and remaining heavy in weight too.  Now when it comes to exercise it’s no different. There are so many different exercise programs springing into existence almost monthly. Get a healthy heart, lose weight quickly, get that beach body, lose pounds and inches! The advertising screams at you; “pick me, pick me”!  Yet, to the same resolve; brain and body paralysis. You can examine each area of our lives and see that there is a remedy available for us, just go and search the internet. We have been plunged into a pit of DISTRACTION. Here are just a few that are your nemesis.

  • Computers
  • TV Shows
  • Sports Programs
  • Social Media
  • The News
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Movies
  • Video Games

Not only are these modern day culprits stealing our time they can also steal your health. The Western world has increased in weight do to the simple fact that technology keeps you sedentary. What a bummer.

Train the brain - Krabi

I want to emphasis that the answer is not always the answer; why?  You can have the answer but that does not mean that you are doing to apply the knowledge. There are more than plenty of distractions to go around for every cause imaginable.  So much so that distraction has become our foe. Now that you can breathe a little easier knowing that you are not fully to blame let’s take a look at a few things that you can do to help you really really meet some of your personal goals for you this year.

Identify 3 (not 5 or 10) just 3 very specific things that you would like to achieve this year

  • Give yourself a realistic timeline to arrive at your personal destination
  • Create a task list that you can check off each time you have moved one step closer to your mark
  • Create a calendar that allows for specific periods of time allocated to work on your tasks per each of these 3 items
  • At the end of each calendared session write down how you were feeling
  • If you failed to show up for your own calendared appointment, write down what you did in place of this time allocated out for yourself
  • Work in increments and allow yourself small rewards each time you have accomplished a particular short term goal

I guarantee you this really really works. Give this a try and you will be moving towards achieving the things that until now you’ve only dreamed of.

by Zina Docto

Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN”: Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out: overcome weight issues, sickness and disease.

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