So you’ve decided to come to Krabi – great! You’ve definitely made the right decision; this charming corner of the world is home to some of the most breathtaking beaches, gorgeous islands and stunning natural spaces in the world, and they’ll soon be in your midst. However, depending on what you’ve forgotten to pack in your suit case or chosen to leave at home, trips can go from brilliant to bad. With that in mind, here are the things that you need to bring with you to make this trip unforgettable.

Mosquito Spray

Thailand’s climate and environment makes it a mozzie hotspot, and Krabi is no different. Whilst it’s not one of the worst areas in the country when it comes to these flying pests, it certainly has more than its fair share of the nuisances. From irritating bites on one end of the spectrum to potentially serious diseases such as Dengue fever on the other, mosquitos can be annoying at best and deadly at worst, and so packing a strong, reputable mosquito spray with you can be the difference between a trip you’ll never forget and one that you won’t want to remember.

Mosquito Spray in Krabi

A Light Waterproof Jacket or Poncho

Yes, Krabi is a perfect spot for a sun-filled, beachy holiday, but the weather can turn in an instant – particularly in the rainy season. What was once a blue sky and a blazing sun can change to a torrential downpour in a matter of minutes, and tourists are often left scrambling for the cheap ponchos in convenience stores. Whilst they are okay, they’re liable to break and tear at the slightest opportunity, and don’t allow the body to breathe, proving to be uncomfortable. By bringing your own from home, not only are you well-prepared for the weather, you’ll be the envy of all the other tourists too.

An International Driver’s License

Easy to obtain and easier to leave at home, international driver’s licenses are what’s needed to rent a car in Krabi. Whilst you’ll be able to rent a motorbike without one, you might not have so much joy when it comes to renting a car. On top of that, in the event of the police stopping you – which happens fairly often in Krabi – having an international driver’s license can be the different between driving through or stopping to pay a fine – leaving you with less money for Thai food, which would be a travesty.

Krabi Driving License

Outdoor Shoes

Krabi might be the kind of place where you imagined yourself in flip-flops by the beach every day, but to do so would mean missing out on so much of Krabi’s wonderful nature. Whilst hikes and treks are possible in flip-flops, trails such as Khao Ngon Nak (or Dragon’s Crest) are much more comfortable and a lot easier to complete in sensible footwear. We know they take up a lot of space in a suitcase, but you’ll be glad you brought them when you lose your new sliders in a muddy bog half way through a hike.

Walking Shoes in Krabi

Light Clothing

As well as remembering to pack a waterproof coat, on the other side of the coin light clothing is definitely essential. Krabi is hot, humid and sticky, and a wardrobe of polyester shirts and thick denim jeans will leave you a sweaty mess on the pavement. Lighter fabrics such as cotton and linen, combined with shorts or light pants, should keep you cool, fresh and ready to take on the world – or at least the Krabi Town Walking Street Market on the weekend.

Krabi Beach Group

Sun Screen and Other Drugs

Sun screen is available to buy all over Krabi, but prices are often much more expensive than you’ll find back home and the selection is likely to be limited in comparison. Not only that, but the sun screen found in Krabi and all other Thailand often contains a whitening agent that bleaches the skin – and who wants to come back from holiday looking lighter than when they went? Pack your own from home and you’ll avoid all of these issues.

You might want to pack your own drugs and medicines, too. Psuedoephedrine-based medicines, like those you may have used to treat a cold back home, are banned in Thailand, and strong painkillers can be difficult to obtain in Krabi, so bring your own if you envisage running into any problems.

Krabi Sun Screen

Travel Adaptors

If you’re coming from continental Europe of the USA, then good news! You won’t need to bring a travel adapter to plug in to outlets with you. However, if you’re from the UK, Australia, Singapore and oher countries, you will need to. Nobody wants to get to their hotel only to find they can’t charge their phones or devices, so make sure you’ve packed the right adaptor to start your holiday in the best possible way.

Packing to Krabi - Charger


One essential accessory that you’ll want to bring with you is a pair of sunglasses. The sun is strong in Krabi – after all, that’s probably why you came – and UV levels are high, so bring your sunglasses not only to look cool, but to protect your eyes from any damage. You might also want to pack a small flashlight keychain; power cuts are probably more frequent here than what you’re used to, and a flashlight can help you navigate your way back to your hotel room that little bit safer.

A keen snorkeler? You might want to pack your own equipment. Whilst snorkeling sets can be bought in Thailand or rented from tour companies, there’s no guarantee of their quality, so if it’s important to you then bring your own!

If you forget anything, don’t panic!

If you’ve arrived and realized that you’ve forgotten something, then don’t panic! Whilst Krabi isn’t quite the shopping paradise that Bangkok is, there are enough shops, stores and supermarkets to pick up anything you might have left behind. Chargers and adapters can be picked up in convenience stores like 7-Eleven for just a few hundred  Baht, whilst light clothing and swimming costumes can be found all over Ao Nang and the more popular Thailand islands quite cheaply.