Koh Lanta Accommodation – The Houben adults only hotel

Driving to the south end of Koh Lanta is an adventure, and you’ll quickly notice the hotel industry begin to thin out the further South you get. As the landscape opens up to include soaring sea views and intriguing jungles, interspersed by the authentic island life of the local people. It’s down here that you’ll find the houben adults only hotel. The Houben is a very sleek and stylized adults-only boutique hotel, perched on top of a high cliff overlooking the ocean.

Kid’s Free hotel

Taking into account the couples based demographic and their needs on honeymoons, or just getaway hoidays it’s no surprise that the Houben is a kid-free zone. Though it’s close to the beach, the real draw here is the awe-inspiring view into the chasm below. With the salty waves crashing into jagged rocks below, creating an artwork of swirling, white froth it’s a perfect place for photos and to feel like your on top of the earth. The infinity pool looks out over the vast sea, while strings of fairy lights twinkle overhead, and you relax with a drink from the bar.

The on-site Red Alert restaurant also offers stunning sea views, as well as indoor and outdoor seating with a modern and comfortable style. The Belgian owners take great pride in their ingredients, sourcing organic rice and vegetables from local farms, and seafood comes directly from the boats of the local fisherman. Belgian dishes with imported ingredients are served alongside local delicacies, and of course, a healthy selection of beer and chocolate. Far from a sprawling, inflated resort with hundreds of rooms.

Secluded privacy

The Houben offers just fifteen rooms, each with a personal feel and an excess of privacy. Two seaside suites feature private terraces perched on top of the cliff. Outfitted with outdoor bathtubs and high ceilings, complete with all the modern luxury that the common spaces advertise. Rooms offer totally private, sea-facing balconies or direct pool access, luxurious beds, and a host of other delightful details. Relax and unwind in the spa, raise your heartbeat in the modern gym, or allow the staff to arrange your tours through this charming and private end of one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. Adults looking for some privacy, luxury and pampering during your island getaway, check out the houben adults only

For more information visit: http://thehouben.com/index.php