For some it’s a gift from birth, for others they must learn to develop their green thumb, but once you’ve got one it’s there for good.

“You are what you eat!” We’ve all heard that familiar saying over the years, one particular one I like my mother always used to say: “you can pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later”. It’s all true we are like a machine, and with the correct fuel our bodies or our machines work at their optimal levels. With the massive farms throughout the globe sometimes it’s difficult to find healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables, no matter what part of the globe your inhabit the availability of locally organically grown vegetables is getting harder and harder to find.

Krabi Hydroponics

Even in quiet and rural Thailand a growing number of massive farms are taking over the produce scene all across the country. Still there are number of small and locally managed farms which sell to locals markets, but one never knows how these arms operate and how they manage their crops.

Let us introduce you to Khun Jazz and her wonderful hydroponics garden located just outside the center of Ao Nang. Owner operated for the past 10 years Khun Jazz has been delivering top notch produce to restauranteurs and locals throughout Ao Nang, keeping her customers healthy and happy. Her garden began over a decade ago when the king instituted a hydroponic incentive throughout the kingdom which sent teachers throughout the kingdom to the reaching provinces to bring the knowledge of hydroponics to those without the means to learn about this simple yet highly productive means of farming.

The kings incentive came at the perfect time as her husband had just left his work in and was home full time to help tend the crops. There was a special weekend class held in Phuket  sponsored by the kings incentive giving locals from throughout the region the opportunity to learn this new farming technique. Khun Jazz with over 10 rai of land thought maybe we could use some of our land to be a suitable means of income for her family so she took the trip off to learn the arts.

After learning how to build and manage her own hydroponic garden Khun Jazz purchased a few small systems which she could easily set up and practice at her home. The was the moment of change, the last moment where she was in her old skin, her last moment when all of her fingers were tender and pink. From this day forward she would don a new name and a new reputation throughout Krabi and Ao Nang.

Krabi Hydroponics

Soon after her first batch of lattice was ready for harvest, she gave the excess to her friends and parents at her children school. Before this high quality, consistent and healthy produce was only available in Phuket and few of the families in Ao Nang were wiling to take the 2+ hour trip just for produce. Khun Jazz was a legend, word of mouth was all it took and her reputation spread throughout the little community of Ao Nang and Krabi like wildfire.

Now her gardens have expended much beyond her first crop of luttice. At Krabi hydroponic you can find Japanese tomatoes, Italian basil, cucumbers, strawberries, avocado trees, mulberry trees, over 5 varieties of lettuce, rosemary, rose apple trees and much more.

Krabi Hydroponics

No matter how big the garden gets one thing always remains the same, the commitment to quality and a sense of home. The farm although it produces a huge amount of fruits vegetables, supplying a number of the large high end restaurants in Ao Nang still holds true to Khun Jazz’s core principles of not using any pesticides or chemicals to grow her crops, and while yes this means that she looses a lot of her harvest due to aphids and other insects she still stays true to her beliefs.

Krabi Hydroponics

So a little excuse must be offered to Khun Jazz when a certain vegetable or product is not available, maybe the bugs got to it before she could.

More important over other things is her energy she imbues into every plant. Her totally and unrelenting positivity can be felt on first approach and then throughout the garden as she explains each and every vegetable and what it’s good for, offering recommendations and recipe ideas. The sense of purpose and happiness in knowing this purpose is amazing and just adds to the experience of visiting Khun Jazz and eating and buying her vegetables.

One thing that is truly amazing about Khun Jazz is that she down not actively market her delicious, healthy and beautiful crops at all. She harvests daily and people come to visit her or call her about what she has available, it’s all word of mouth and based around individual needs, but there is never a surplus of goods lying around.

Krabi Hydroponics

“Whatever I harvest is gone the same day, somebody comes to get it for their home or restaurant”

It’s amazing her love and affections for nature and the land. Her commitment to keeping the crops pure and healthy, safe for all to eat right off the vines, Krabi hydroponic is a wonderful and holistic farm much closer than you think.

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 8.049833, 98.844455