Chill out in style at The Bamboo Bar

The Bamboo Bar is one of the first places you’ll encounter as you walk into the open area of the Railay West walking street. Chances are you’ll be wide-eyed with wonder at the laid-back vibes of this beach. So when the staff call their welcomes to you it’s a little change of pace, it’s a good idea to stop here.

A small bar topped with a thatched leaf based bamboo roof, it might not look like much from the outside, but this cozy watering hole has good vibes to spare and a few surprises as well. With a musical backdrop, you’ll often find the wood here spattered with easy-going travelers, sipping on beers and enjoying the easy life that comes so naturally on Railay beach. You’ll find all the standard cocktails here, as well as whiskey and beer and everything in between. High season brings pad thai to the small booth next to the bar, and full meals can be had at the sister restaurant, the Yummy Place. On occasion parties spill over once the sun goes down so who knows you might be staying longer than expected. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s an on-site bamboo tattoo station with a huge portfolio of satisfied customers to help sway you. Not so sure about a full on tattoo? Test the waters with a henna tattoo instead.

Whatever you get up to here, it’s sure to be a good time well into the night, and you won’t be alone, because the Bamboo Bar is a popular place!

Hours of operation : 10:00 am – late

Phone: +66 65 328 9199