All women in the world want to be beautiful. Now it is possible thanks to all the information and tutorial they can find on the internet as well as professional make-up artists they have access to. We met one of them for an interview, Sarisa Ohmmarit Johansson who lives and works in Krabi.

Tell us how you started your career as a makeup artist?

I’ve had an interest in makeup since I was young and it really took off when I studied fashion design. I started learning on my own by reading books and asking advice. In 2005, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Thai star makeup artist Pee, who became my first teacher and started my career. I began by applying makeup for my own models during fashion design classes and shows, and the other participant’s models as well. I have been active for ten years now and I work mostly for international weddings, ceremonies and fashion photo shoot.

Sarisa make upWhere did you study?

At first I read a lot of makeup books and magazines such as Bobbi Brown publications, and then I had the chance to meet the Thai star makeup artist, Pee which allowed me to learn from the best. After that I applied to the Makeup academy by KMA professional cosmetic to improve my knowledge.

Where do you get the inspiration in your work?

When I meet a client I try to know them better and learn more about their taste and the look they are looking for by talking to them. I observe their style, the clothes that they will be wearing and the colors that will match with it. It is also important to keep in mind what type of event they are planning to attend, wedding makeup might not look the same as a fashion shoot makeup.

Every makeup artist has a certain style which distinguishes him or her, can you give us some examples of yours?

Like a painter will tell a story when painting on a canvas, I try to tell the story of the person through makeup. Good makeup styling will highlight the story, which is my signature way of working. I try not to have a specific style of my own, to me the personality of the person is always the deciding factor.

Is there any professional makeup artists whom you like or follow?

Two makeup artists come to mind, the Thai makeup artist Pearypie and the international artist Bobbi Brown.

Pearypie is young and with her I share the idea that more experience and knowledge is always a good thing. Like her, I try to create my best work every time in order to gain more experience.

Sarisa make upBobbi Brown is a true idol of mine. Her style and how she works is an inspiration to me, I really want to follow her steps. She knows how to make each of her clients unique by offering them a makeup that fits perfectly.

If you are planning a wedding ceremony or a personal photo shoot, it is really important to call on a professional makeup artist’s services, and to do so you must contact Sarisa:

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