Krabi town – a small capital in the south of Thailand with a population of about twenty five thousand people is home to the shortest river in all of Thailand. Although the river is the shortest the mouth of the river where Krabi town sits provides for some of the most stunning spots for relaxing, taking photos or just watching the constant trail of longtail boats pass by.

Few of the tourists walking on Chao Fa Pier home to the famous night market, are aware of this glorious park, we’ll try to shed some light on this wonderful place.

Strolling along the promenade of the Chao Fah area can be great way to spend a lazy afternoon in Krabi town but venture a little further down the pier area and you will come across a massive outdoor park – Thara Park. Well known by locals who frequent the grounds; exercising, strolling through the trees with their families or taking their dogs for a walk. It is located next to the Krabi Marina and behind some of the municipal buildings of Krabi town.

Krabi Thara ParkNot only a good place for relaxing and spending time strolling through the trees and gardens, Thara park is a favorite place for many who are watching their physique. With numerous pull up bar stations, a long 1.15km asphalt running path and other exercise stations the park is a great place to get ones self in shape. Located on the bank of the Krabi river among numerous trees and palms makes for a great location to get your fit on while enjoying stunning natural signs swaying in the breeze. the numerous trees provides a little oasis to rejuvenate in during the hot weather (basically everyday of the year). That being said even the numerous trees which dot the park are not enough to keep you safe from the intense heat of Krabi therefore during weekdays from 11am-3pm you will rarely find a soul wandering the parks grounds. However, after five o’clock in the evening the park starts to fill with locals.

With two parking lots there is plenty of parking for both cars and a motorcycle. The park also has a large football field, basketball court, indoor stadium and a tennis court giving you many options to keep your heart rate high. Even for those cycling enthusiasts  there is a special area surrounding the football field where you can spin your tires until the tree comes off.

Thara Park KrabiWorried about your kids? fear not for Thara park has a fully equipped playground with roundabouts and children’s slides where kids of all ages can play together or with their parents. The park is set up to welcome the many visitors which frequent the grounds daily as there are two tents in where you can buy soft drinks, ice cream and snacks. Both of these tents are located at the entrance to the park so you cannot miss them. They mostly sell “street food” -BBQ chicken, pork, somtum, grilled catfish and talapis and much more.

On weekends, the locals love to picnic in the park, sitting under the shade of trees around the small pond.

Overall the park as a whole is somewhat divided into two halves. Half of it arranged and built for sports and children to play in, while another section is designed as a space for creativity can occur freely. This creative section is not clearly marked but you will see plaster figurines for sale, paintings for sale or other goods on display, also a number of painters will be set up to make paintings on the spot of either landscape settings or of something you wish. Some of the stalls are set up to allow visitors to make paintings on their own so you can actually make some art with your kids or friends.

Thara Park KrabiIn this “creative section” there is a figure of the Thai and English alphabet. Walk and familiarity with the alphabet will be a very exciting experience for moms and their kids.

Near the park is located a couple of restaurants where you can taste tasty freshly caught seafood dishes, a small café and a 7/11. So if you prefer these options then you’re covered for food and drink intake.

From the park you can always take a taxi-motorbike to the Vogue Shopping Center for 20-30 baht. Taxi drivers are on duty near the entrance to the park near the river.