Set just outside Ao Nang around 30km north from Ao Nang up the coastline it is a place where both salt and freshwater collide to form a dichotomy of nature and numerous areas for small creatures to hide and take refuge. Mangrove forests make up the dominant foliage in the area, feeding of the minerals and nutrients brought in from the ocean daily.

The roots of the mangrove trees are extremely twisted over one another creating some of the most amazing root structures for mangrove forests that exist in Krabi. Amazing for photographs, videos or just something amazing to feast your eyes on thats not a pictureseque postcard image  of one of the many islands in Krabi everyone is so accustomed to.

There are a number of tour operators that will take you to Thapom (they are available everywhere you can buy other tour packages) in a minivan or the likes which is by far the easiest way to get there, but by far the least interesting. We suggest you rent a car and follow the signs north of Ao Nang, there is a main road Rt. 4 which will take you to Krbaitown, you head away for Krabitown past Nong Thale and eventually you will come to a tree junction, turn left and after that take your first right. There you will find an interesting little village where you can stock up on food and supplies and stop some photos of a more local area. You continue straight through this village and then start looking for the signs for Thapom. We don’t want to give you step by step directions, half the fun of going is making it a team effort, looking for signs, asking locals talking among yourselves on whether or not we should turn. So there you go We’ve gotten you 80% of the way there, the rest is up to you.

We suggest you leave in the early hours of the morning and try your best to beat the crowds. Given that Thapom is around 40 minutes from downtown Ao nang if you leave around 7am this will be great as you will see this hidden gem in Krabi.

Good luck and enjoy the waters, just make sure you ask the national park guards where you can swim as not all areas are allowed to do so in. Also don’t forget to charge your battery and come with en empty memory card.

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