Learn all you can about this fascinating cuisine that is Thai

Taking a Thai cooking class in Krabi is one of the best ways to learn about Thai food, it’s history and what the different dishes entail. This food is not only Pad Thai, Massman curry and fried rice, no it’s much more and a Thai cooking class in Krabi is a great way to learn more.

Thai food is an international popular cuisine and rightfully so, it’s so diverse and flavorful, some like it spicy, some like is salty. Well you’re in Thailand and have always dreamed about cooking your very own Thai food, so now’s your chance, want to learn how to cook it? This is one of our favourite activities in Krabi as you learn not only the how to cook Thai food, but also the theory behind parts of the cuisine. Classes with typically give you a few options for different dishes to cook so you can choose what you want to learn while other class mates can choose other dishes and you can share your knowledge and experience. The classes are always intimate with only 6-10 students per class. Therefore you can get the chance to compare and talk with other students while you learn and practice. 

A lesson for cooking Thai food can take a half day or full day depending your preference. We usually recommend going with the half day courses as cooking all day can be tiring and hot, but it’s completely up to you. 

You can learn to cook many dishes such as:

  • Laab Gai
  • Peneng curry
  • Papaya Salad
  • Spring rolls
  • Fish curry
  • Tom yum
  • and much more

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