Day Trip to Railay

No trip to Ao Nang is complete without a short day trip to Railay, there is just so much to see there and it’s only a short 10 minute long tail boat trip from Ao nang beach. If you’re looking for a truly great day trip activity in Krabi this is sure to be your go-to spot. Railay is a peninsula connected to the mainland of Krabi but with a large mountain range sitting off land access to the beach area. So the only way to get to Railay is via long tail boat from either Ao nang or Ao Nam Mao, each port costs about 100thb/person/way and takes you no more than 10 minutes.

On Railay there are so many things to do, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) kayaking, hiking up the viewpoint overlooking Railay, relaxing on the beach, rock climbing, even eating dang good food out of a long tail boat restaurant. Usually a full day on railay will not give you enough time to see it all, but who cares you can come back for a second day, or stay the night.

We have a full overview of Railay here which you can visit to learn more about what to do, where to stay, where to drink and much more.

Also Railay is home to an endemic monkey species, the dusky langur who have a distinct white and black coloration to them. The most peculiar thing with Dusky langur monkeys is that their babies have are a bright yellow color making them easy to spot and stunning to see. Keep you eyes peeled in the treetops to catch a glimpse of thee amazing monkeys, there are a few troops of them that live on Railay.