Wat Tham Suea or Tiger Cave Temple

Take a trek up Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi to see some of the most majestic and stunning views the province has to offer.

The temple is set on a large open area with a main walkway taking you through some shops. Inside these shops you can buy trinkets made by the monks and locals. Necklaces with famous monks sitting in a lotus pose, or a small tapestry outlining some of the figures who made this temple what it is today. Or even some more exotic items are for sale in these sidewalk shops.

Walking down the main strip you will be followed by a variety of dogs, orange ones, black ones, white ones and even red ones. But don’t worry, they live at the temple and will not bother you. The Monks feed these homeless dogs offering them a safe heaven to live and thrive in. It is one of the many good deeds these temples offer the community.

Where to go?

After entering the temple area you will notice a staircase leading off to your left with a sign next to the first step. 1,237 steps to the top! Can you make it?

At the top of the temple you will be greeted by a massive 15 meter buddha statue poised in the traditional lotus pose. The Buddha is there as a symbol for the town and is always overlooking everyone below. Dazing up at this amazing gold leaf plated statue reminds one truly how amazing. Imagine people could make this all happen without the assistance of the heavy machinery. Believe it or not most of the concrete used to build the statue Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi was brought up to the top of the temple by devoted monks and builders.

When to go:

Start your climb at 4:30 pm to catch the sun dropping behind a wall of limestone cliffs or begin your climb at 5am to see the sun climb from behind them. It’s up to you but we don’t recommend you trying this feat at midday. The sun in Thailand is well… Strong! and during the heavy daylight hours can be downright exhausting. At a normal pace you can usually read the top in 1 hour so plan accordingly for your trip to The Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi.

Therefore if you’d like to visit the Tiger Cave Temple you can join in the Jungle tour (at the top of this page). Or give Bang Bao a call directly for him to arrange a private minivan trip to/from the tiger cave temple. For this trip Bang Bao charges 2,500thb a two way trip for the tiger cave temple.

Get in touch with him here: 085-069-4752