Koh Hong – One of the most beautiful islands in Krabi

Longtail trip to Koh hong, this is one of the most quintessential activities to do in Krabi, you can hire a long tail boat for a day trip to the Hong Island chain.

The days start usually around 9-10am (depending on your preference) when the long tail driver will bring you to Koh Daeng (Red island) for great snorkelling in 5-10 meter deep water. Then the next stop is Koh Hong (Hong island) where you will get to see the lagoon which is what Hong island is famous for, spend a few hours on the beautiful secluded cove of Hong island beach, have some lunch, rent a kayak for an hour or anything you’d like to do. After Hong island the long tail boat captain will take you to Pay Bia and Koh Lading, also fantastic islands to spend a few hours on as they each have their own highlights.

Why we recommend Koh Hong

Koh Hong in Thai means island room in English, this is due to the large ‘lagoon’ center areas of the island which has been ‘cut away’ or so it seems. The long tail boats can only come into the lagoon at high tide, otherwise there is nothing enough water, so your captain will follow the tide calendar to find the best time to visit the lagoon. The day will also take you and guests to a number of other locations close by, each of these islands offers it’s own benefit and unique attractions.

The other 3 stops on a typical day are:

Pak Bia: 2 small island connected by a small sandbar which is visible at low tide. Great place to watch the sunset and usually the last stop on any day trip

Lading: A large cove like beach area, actually home to the 2012 Red Bull Cliff Diving championship round

Koh Hong: Known for it’s large interior cove like beach with towering mountains on all sides, as well as the resident monitor lizards

After the captain will bring you back to the pier around 5pm so you’ll get to enjoy riding home with the sun setting off over the horizon. We recommend this as one of the best things to do in Krabi because when you rent a long tail boat for your private group, you dictate for long you want to stay at each location. You are not on a time schedule of the tour operator, also you can have the opportunity to stay a little later on Koh Hong and get a good chance to glimpse one of the islands resident Monitor lizards. These monitor lizards come our usually around 3pm (after most of the beaches are empty).

Why Koh Hong is perfect for groups

If you choose to take a private trip then you will also have the option to just stay on one beach and rest there if you’d like all day long, if you find a place you’re happy with and want to stay, no problem just tell the captain and he’ll wait as long as you’d like. The last reason it’s preferable to take a private long tail trip is because with groups 4 and up it’s actually cheaper per person to rent a long tail boat than it it to take individual tickets on a group tour.