Each city has its own character, distinguishing it from others. Krabi Province is famous its stunning karsts that seem to hang over roads, surround beaches and in general give Krabi it’s unique feeling.

One of the main iconic symbols of Krabi are a couple of peaks just beyond Krabi town, known as Khao Khanap Mountain (Khao Khanap Nam). The Image of a Black Crab in the foreground and the famous two pico-shaped mountains (Khao Khanap Mountain) can be found on many postcards when browsing the tourist shops throughout the province. They can also frequently be seen when searching the internet for information on Krabi.

Krabi River

The Black Crab is one of the main attractions of the city of Krabi, as it symbolizes one of the main food groups of the province – seafood – and is located on the embankments of the Krabi river (the shortest river in all of Thailand) whose length is only five kilometers.

Krabi River Tour

To get to the mountains you must travel by boat from the Chao Fah pier area of Krabi town. At the bast of these mountains is a cave, inside which is adorned with various prehistoric cave paintings and decorations and sits 100 meters above sea level. As it has become one of the more popular destinations of the province, a stone staircase has been built that leads you to the entrance of the cave. Inside you will be dazzled by impressive clusters of stalactites and stalagmites.

Krabi Symbol

Cave Khao Khanap Nam has a rich history dating back thousands of years, and is now a sort of museum with exhibits from ancient ancestors who lived there until they were overtaken by a flood many hundreds of years ago.

The Symbol of Krabi” program includes not only a visit to the cave, but a river boat ride by Longtail through dense mangroves forests. Making your way through the ornate mangrove forest, you will find yourself nestled in a unique tropical atmosphere.

Krabi SymbolAfter a stop at the mountain, you will find yourself on one of the many fishing farms where you will be shown a variety of the local fish. Afterwards the farm will serve some fantastically fresh seafood accompanied by a range of tasty beverages.

So to ends the tour, and after dining on truly fresh seafood and enjoying the mangrove forests up close and personal, the longtail boat returns you to the pier in Krabi town.

To travel on the Krabi river is truly amazing. Getting another perspective on the city from the river’s point of view is a breath of fresh air. To get acquainted with the local people who live on the river offers a new side of life you cannot experience in other areas of Krabi, an experience like this will leave you with fond memories and stories to tell your friends and family back home.

You can book a tour by phone by calling Khun Mut:


he is available to take you anytime to this wonderful place.

Private boat costs 500 baht, in total the trip duration is one hour. So don’t worry, it’s not a full day commitment.

You can independently go to the Black Crab sculpture on Krabi river, from there ask around the many boat drivers you see working the boats and docks in the area.

Enjoy exploring the symbol of Krabi.