Dance, sing and dink until the sun comes up

You’ll find Stockholm Syndrome in the heart of Phi Phi’s entertainment district. It’s one of the only dance clubs that’s not on the beach. As such, it is often a flurry of activity. While neighboring bars feature pool tables and rock n’ roll, Stockholm Syndrome pumps loud electronic music. A popular pit-stop before the beach parties, this club specializes in shots and beer pong. With not much seating, it’s all about the action here. A large dance floor complements the fast beats, and you won’t often find party-goers standing still. The assertive staff will lure you in with free shots and cheap buckets. There’s a primarily young feel to this bar, and it’s a great place to mingle with other travelers. You’ll likely get challenged to a round of beer pong or another bar game. Though there is a projection screen and TVs with sports, the vibe is strictly party. With a full bar ready to lubricate you and your friends, the Stockholm Syndrome is more than just a pit-stop. Despite opening in the afternoon, you won’t find much going on here until the sun goes down. After that, you can expect the occupancy to climb steadily until the small hours of the morning. Because it offers one of the only indoor dance parties, this place fires up when the weather isn’t so hot. The staff are on hand to make sure you’re having a good time. This one is for the backpackers who like to party!

Hours of Operation :

Noon – 1:30 am