White sand, turquoise waters and plenty of food and massage to go around

Looking to get away from the center of Phi Phi Don? Though tourism in the islands is almost always thriving, you can escape to a less-bustling corner – Long Beach.

Getting there is easy, if you like adventure! The most popular way is to hire a longtail taxi, which will cost you around 100 THB per person. Boat captains will flag you down as you near the beach, and you can choose your ride. From there, it’s only about ten minutes. You can admire the surrounding scenery and clear waters from the boat. If you’re in the mood for a walk, Long Beach is also accessible on foot, though we wouldn’t attempt it at night. However, this is a place for whiling the days away, basking in the sunlight.

A long, soft stretch of sand gives this beach its name. There are no sun loungers, so bring a blanket and a hat. A myriad of restaurants complement the handful of resorts that call this beach home, so you won’t have to worry about food. This beach boasts some of the softest sand around, pristine waters and top-notch snorkeling. 200 meters off shore you’ll find Shark Point, famous for sightings of harmless reef sharks.

Long beach doesn’t see a lot of day trippers, due to the abundance of convenient beaches on the main part of the island. Therefore, you might find it to be just the respite you are looking for. Alternatively, you can always choose to book your accommodation here and avoid the crowds altogether, as much as it’s possible in such a prime destination. Whatever you decide, a visit to Long beach is definitely worth your time if you’re into relaxing in the sun!