A unique boutique hotel in Koh Lanta.

Koh Lanta, the largest island in Krabi is fast developing itself from a quiet island paradise to an internationally renowned destination. It has been consistently growing year after year, more hotels, restaurants and guest houses join the ranks of the locals of Koh Lanta. The recent opening of a new bridge connecting both Koh Lanta Yai to Koh Lanta Noi has only sped up that process of growth throughout Koh Lanta.

Houben Krabi

This growth has lead to numerous new hotels, some with a new modern touch, others keeping the traditional Thai Lanta style alive and well. 

One hotel which has called Koh Lanta home since the beginning of it’s development is The Houben is located in southern Koh Lanta in the quiet bay area of Kantiang. The Houben is a small boutique hotel made up of only 15 rooms. The hotels size allows guests and patrons to feel like old friends and family with the staff as many are remembered on a first name basis.

Houben Hotel KrabiThe Hotel was founded over 12 years ago by a Belgian man and his Thai girlfriend, they wanted to offer the people coming to Koh Lanta a modern outlet to keep the needs, feelings and energy of europeans alive and well in a tropical paradise. The Belgian management thought it fit to offer a range of imported Belgian beers available at it’s restaurant ‘Red Alert’ which opens it’s doors to both in-house guests as well as outside guests so it’s a place you can come enjoy even if you’re not staying at The Houben.

The resort has been built atop a large cliff overlooking the rocky shores of Kantiang bay below, offering truly spectacular views of the turbulent tidal one below, while also offering a birds eye view of the sun setting off in the distance over the horizon.

The Houben has a number of features which distinguish it from other resorts of similar amenities and standards, but the more obvious one if the lack of children. The Houben’s distinctive management understands that what many of the visitors coming to Koh Lanta want to is get away from noise, stress and anything keeping them from relaxing. Children as much as we all love and adore them, can be a little bit noisy at times and for those of us who simply don’t have kids listening to kids screaming, running around the pool and throughout the restaurant can hinder anyones ability to truly relax. This is simply the management team at The Houben decided to make the resort an adult only property.

Coming to The Houben is such an experience, it’s one which truly stands out in your mind, from the simple details of furniture style and design of each room to the dramatic red tiled pool, The Houben will not disappoint.

Lanta Houben Krabi

Koh Lanta is a changing place, it is growing and every year sees the grand opening of many new resort and villa projects. One thing which stays the same is The Houben’s commitment to it’s style, its motto and to making every guests worry and stress free.