Love your food and let your food love you

The world rotates around food. Whether we will admit it or not much of the time we spend in our life is rallied around food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, holidays, merry making, social gatherings, physical health, emotional comfort, travelling, snack time, energy reboot. You name it and we can place food in the equation somewhere. But how are we relating to our food? Do we find ourselves eating to live or living to eat?

More and more people today have found themselves bound by varying degrees to food addiction. Some more controlling than others and some more self destructive than others. Never the less food addictions can wreack havoc on ones life and the lives of those surrounding this individual. These people find themselves locked within themselves emotionally and feeling held prisoner to a body that is showing physical signs that there is a problem that goes far deeper than the skin they’re in.

Thailand Soul Food

Food addiction reveals itself in my forms. From the outside looking in most people feel that people who are overweight, lack life luster or physical fitness, assume that they are simply over eaters. There may be some truth to this but there’s a deeper back story.  People are becoming more and more educated about proper foods available today. But for many decades most have just been eating and living on what their societies provide and promote.  In a day and age of fast food, refined and processed food it’s no wonder that there are hundreds of thousands suffering from food addiction; both physically and psychologically.

Thailand Soul Food

Today we are having to discover or rediscover that it is okay and even important to have a relationship with our food, yes a relationship with food.  When you hear the coined phrase soul food it is a warranted one. For centuries food preparation would happen by individuals gathering in a place together where they would swap stories with one another, laugh, cry and share in the intimacies of life with one another. All the while they were preparing the meal of the day. Many people spent time hunting and gathering the foods that they would prepare so there was thanksgiving involved and they put their heart and soul, yes soul into the food that they were fortunate enough to have to eat.  Today, most aren’t aware of where their foods are even coming from. They don’t understand the painstaking process of what took place before eventually passing through their pallet. The joy of preparing a meal does wonders to your emotions if you understand the process and the benefits of the foods you are endulging in.

Thailand Soul Food

I want to give you some slack if you are that person who says, “I just cannot seem to break the habit of eating certain foods that I know are bad for me”. You’re right!  Many processed foods today are designed and engineered to do just that; create a habit and addiction. They are designed to raise the ‘feel good’ sensation you have when eating them. This creates an addictive habitual routine of always wanting to go back to those certain refined and processed foods. However, these addictive habits can be broken and here’s how.  Take a look below at how you can finally learn to love the foods you eat and feel the love from them in return.

What is food anyway? Ask yourself the question, “what am I eating”? Discover what foods provide your body proper building materials for health and eat more of them. On the same note discover food that does harm to the body and eat less of them.

Allow yourself one week of sugar free processed food. WHAT? What I mean is this; only consume sugar from natural sources and not artificial ones. Sugar from honey, dates, figs, fruits, etc. This suggestion is directed towards processed sugars and not other processed ingredients. Let’s take it one step at a time.

Thailand Soul Food

Keep a journal. Begin writing about the food you are eating and how you feel about it.  Imagine having a conversation with a carrot or apple; what would you be saying.  Too, what would you be talking about with a slice of cheesecake or a greasy hamburger. Be honest with yourself and disclose in your journal how you look and relate to food.

Give yourself a break. If you begin to understand and accept that there are times that you are not going to eat like a super health nut.  When you don’t the guilt and shame is less consumng.  Your emotions won’t be as easily triggered into going deeper down the rabbits hole of harmful selfindulgence.

The truth will set you free. Now you know that food effects your body and your emotions. When you cooperate with your mind and body concerning the food you eat you will be able to make better decisions about your food choices. Not all of the decisions you  make are only based on emotion some of them simply are chemical compounds within the body crying out to be saciated.

Go crazy! Now this might seem crazy but start talking to your food. I make it a habit of giving thanks for my food. If it is food that I know is great for my body I will look at it and say, “Thanks for taking good care of me” or “I’m celebrating you today” and them gobble, gobble, gobble. Down the hatch it goes.

Thailand Soul Food

by Zina Docto

Zina is the founder of “i AM WOMAN”: Educating woman to discover their health and beauty from the inside out: overcome weight issues, sickness and disease.

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