Usher in the new year in style by getting wet in the world biggest water fight.

In Thailand as many of us know the hottest months of the year are March and April. During these months temperatures can soar into the 40’s, in 2012 the temperature peaked at 48C!! It is hot to say the least. It also happens to fall in line with the welcoming of the new year, so why not throw a party? But this time it’s not about champagne and cake, it’s too darn hot for that stuff. Let get outside and get wet!

All across Thailand Sonkran is celebrated from the densely populated regions of Bangkok to the real countryside of Esan and the far south of Thailand partying “thai style” and welcoming in the new year.  It’s all about having fun and smiling, so as they ‘when in rome’ smile past someone on the back and move onto the next person to do the same.

Songkran - Thai New YearIn Chiang Mai the festival is so immense that elephants are brought into the city alongside large blue buckets of water which they suck up and spray out into the crowd. it’s quite a sight to witness, a street full of people attacking each with squirt guns and buckets of water, smearing white paste in each others faces, laughing, singing, shouting and hugging each other while lumbering by them elephants shower the crowd with water. Many would say only in Thailand and thats true because not only do the police not regulate these activities but they actually partake in the festivities. It’s a party from the North to the South. A few of us here at Krabi Magazine are hoping you landed in Thailand completely unaware of this festival and were thrown into a tizzy and are now only learning what this seemingly insanity is all about.

Sonkran is a wonderful way to usher in the new year, the party is probably the biggest on the planet involving some 50 million people nationwide and grows ever year!

If you are reading this prior to the festivities get ready for quite an event. Pack your electronic valuables in a dry bag (or just leave them in your hotel room) and head out into the festivities. Don’t worry you wont get far without getting a bucket of water!

Songkran - Thai New YearThere are some precautions/considerations to take into account during Sonkran:

  • Don’t plan to get anywhere FAST
  • Keep your electronics safe
  • Wear goggles if your have sensitive eyes
  • SMILE!!!! Nothings personal

Have fun during the biggest party of the year!