Float on the surface while watching the diverse marina life below

The ocean surrounding the Phi Phi archipelago is astounding. The tall, green cliffs jutting out of turquoise sea are even more impressive in person. Shallow, clear waters and magnificent coral reefs make this area perfect for anyone wishing to explore the underwater world. One of the most popular activities is Snorkeling Koh Phi Phi. Many resorts offer snorkel gear for nearby exploration. Although the best way to take a look is with a tour.

With many different agencies across the island, you won’t have to go far to find the tour that’s right for you. Additionally, most hotels offer a tour booking service. Several different tours are available. The most popular are the half day and full day trips. You can choose either a longtail boat or a speedboat. Tours will visit destinations around Phi Phi’s six islands. Discover spots famous for black-tipped reef sharks, octopus and many different kinds of fish. Depending on the tour you choose, you could experience up to eight different snorkeling havens. Most companies also include water, lunch and a snack.

Book a sunset tour, and see the colors of the sky change from the water. Then, don your mask and get ready to snorkel Koh Phi Phi in one of the most unbelievable spectacles in the sea! Bioluminescent plankton lights up the water at night, and reacts to the movement as you swim. If this is a must-see for you, make sure you ask for a plankton tour.

Whatever style you choose, snorkeling at Phi Phi is extraordinary. Even seasoned snorkelers agree – it’s some of the best on Earth. Don’t miss out on your chance to explore the underwater world in this spectacular location.

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