Siam Contemporary Art was founded seven years ago by a young Thai woman from Chiang Mai who wanted to bring the crafts and creations of her hometown to Koh Lanta. Koh Lanta before Siam Contemporary Art was opened had nothing available in terms of Chiang Mai products.

Siam Contemporary ArtOriginally from Chiang Mai, Khun Pomee has strong roots in a land full of world class carpenters and wood carvers. Chiang Mai is still rich in mahogany, takien and other strong hardwood trees, offering a great canvas for all kinds of artisanal wood work.

Chiang Mai style furniture and architecture is dramatically different from the more basic and simple style of construction and design we find throughout Krabi and Southern Thailand. The style you see prevalent throughout Northern Thailand is reminiscent of a more traditional Thailand we all know from the books and movies; it is called “Lanna style.” The tall vaulted roofs curving upwards to the heavens ending in a dramatic wooden point, the large wooden doors, the carved wooden molding covering floor-wall joints – these are only some of the many common items you can find from Chiang Mai. Table top wood carved items can be seen everywhere and frequently, entire homes are made from locally collected forest hardwood.

Siam Contemporary ArtThe local style for Krabi (and southern Thailand) has taken on a new feeling. Some of this is due to the lack of hard wood trees as opposed to rubber and palm trees. Wooden homes have been replaced with concrete ones. But that doesn’t mean the inside of your home or room is comprised of only concrete. Siam Contemporary Art offers a range of items from wooden statues of Buddha, picture frames, floor statues, and much more.

Come browse their numerous items on display and find something that would complement your house or home. The items found in Siam Contemporary Art can be placed on tables, stands, hung on walls, and much more. Some items are so large that they can be left alone free standing on floors or staircases.

Open daily Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00

The shop’s owner and main importer, Khun Pomee, is always available to help you find the perfect item. Overseas shipping is available just inquire with the staff to get more details on shipping costs and delivery times.

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