Where to get the goods you need

Krabi shopping is definitely not as glitzy as the over-developed scenes of Bangkok or Phuket. Nevertheless, shopping in Krabi still has much to offer. In fact, it’s likely that you could come to Krabi empty-handed, and return home with a suitcase full of new things.

What Krabi shopping lacks in grandiose malls, it makes up for in local charm. Shopping in Krabi means plenty of beach stalls, local stands and handmade goods. You’ll also find an almost obscene amount of clothing and trinkets. Beach-worthy dresses, sandals, jewelery and household accessories line the shelves of the province’s shopping capital, Ao Nang.

Shopping in Ao Nang is like a buffet of colors and smells. Rows upon rows of beach wear is on offer for anyone who didn’t pack for the weather. Often, those coming from colder climates can be surprised how heavy their fabrics can be. For those who are craving a super-cool new outfit, you can find it here. Also popular in the Ao Nang shopping scene are skincare shops, interior decor items and small electronics. Shopping in Ao Nang might not always mean brand names, but you can still find some spectacular things.

When you expand your horizons outside of the main tourist hubs, shopping in Krabi can yield some interesting finds. Epic seashell creations, coconut decor and everything about the sea can be found here. If you’re looking to take home a taste of the beach, you will not leave disappointed.

But that’s not to say that everything about shopping in Krabi is kitsch. The province does boast some impressive outlet centers and name-brand chains. Ao Nang shopping in particular, is home to a few high-end shops that will impress even the most discerning shopper. It’s a great place to find souvenirs for friends and family who weren’t able to come along.

In short, if it’s the shopping you’re looking for, don’t let Krabi’s back country charm fool you. Shopping in Krabi can satisfy anyone in the mood for a little retail therapy. If you need some more convincing, read on. Our guide to Krabi’s best shopping will have you making your wish list before you even book your flight!

Shopping in Ao Nang

69 Slam

This Bali based swimwear and lifestyle apparel company which originated in Katu Bali has quickly expanding it’s operations throughout Asia and Europe. It’s fun and energetic slogan ‘Play Loud’ is clearly evident in the bold colors and designs of their clothing lines. Each season comes with a new range of colors and styles, each bringing to the table something new. Their core concept remains true, be bold, let people know you’re here but more importantly, have fun. 

Their clothing lines are for all ages and sexes and cover a range of categories for bikinis to board shorts, to sunglasses and hats to bags and undergarments. If you’re looking for brand with style and a clear message, head over to 69 Slam.

2 shop locations in Ao Nang, one opposite the Krabi Resort, the smaller and newer shop is opposite the Phra Nang Inn, both on the main beach road in Ao nang.

Article: Play Loud

Hours: Monday 10:00 (10am) – 22:00 (10pm)



A local Thai brand name Xact locations can be found throughout Thailand with talks of some new locations to be opening abroad soon. The store specializes in upscale trendy designs and types for all seasons. The collections span over sporty designs, casual street fashion to elegant dresses, for the all around trendy design place in Ao Nang, Xact is your go-to spot.

Featuring both men and woman’s clothing lines as well as a number of items for kids and young adults.

Xact was founded in 1995 and focuses itself around it’s ability to make clothing whose designs speaks for itself, not in your face but a subtle attention to detail that is hard to find in the region. 

Visit the shop at their Ao Nang location.



Souvenir shops Ao Nang/Klong Muang

Your in Krabi, so why now browse the local goods? These souvenir shops sell everything from hand made wooden chess boards to batik styled Sarong’s (large cotton wraps, great for a variety of needs) Chiang beer t-shirts and many other things.

These shops are located all along the Ao Nang beach front promonade and Klong Muang main beach areas as well as many shops in Krabi town and Koh Lanta. Basically everywhere you visit which has a good number of tourists coming to visit, you will find these souvenir shops. 

Bargaining; it’s something you might have never gotten to do before Shopping in Krabi. It might be something you’re used to, it might be something your great at or it terrible at, who knows until you try. Well these souvenir shops are where this behavior is generally accepted. The shopkeepers will often not post any prices for that exact reason. There is no rule for bargaining in Thailand, in our experience you should not just throw our a random number when negotiating for an item, you should rather think what the item is worth to you and try to get to this number as best as you can. So for example if you see a T-shirt and think I’d pay 200thb for that, the shopkeeper says 500thb. Don’t just say 100thb to spite him or her, try to get the number to a level where you’re happy. This is the system we’ve been using and have never been let down, it’s always left us feeling happy about buying something, never feeling like we’ve been ripped off.

Here are some locations throughout the greater Ao nang area where you’ll find these shops.

Hours: Daily from 09:00 (9am) – 22:00 (10pm)

Fossil Shell beach stalls

In terms of Krabi shopping these are some of the best kept secrets, we’re releasing them to you in this new revision of Krabi Magazine. It might not sound like much but these shops features some of the best deals around if you’re in the market for peal jewelry or seashell infused ornamental items. 

The Andaman sea is rich with oyster farms, mussels, clams and much more, all of these creatures produce something stunning which can transformed into some simply stunning pieces of jewelry. Most people think only of Thai gold when they think of jewelry in Thailand, well there is much more to the industry than meets the mainstream eyes. These pearl necklaces can fetch upwards of $100-$500 back in Europe or America, but at these small pearl shops, necklaces can be bought for as little as $5usd (150thb). 

Now keep in mind these shops will offer a little bargaining (sometimes) but don’t push it. You can ask for a 10-20% discount without offending the shopkeepers, beyond that is up to you.

These peals shops are located next to the fossil shell beach and are well worth the 10 minute trip from Ao Nang.

Hours: 09:00 (9am) – 18:00 (6pm)


Superman Shop

If you’ve come into Ao Nang by road, chances are you’ve seen a billboard for the Superman shop. This clean and fresh boutique is located on Route 4203, under the Blue hotel. The Superman shop is a unique fixture in Ao Nang shopping. The store features a distinctly western style. Shop in comfort with crisp air conditioning and neatly organized racks.

As the logos all around you will proclaim, this store is all about Superman. Clothing and accessories for the whole family grace the racks here. High quality items meant for swimming and lounging sport popular decals. Some shoppers are more interested in modern, trendy items than the semi-disposable beachwear that’s available elsewhere. Therefore, the Superman shop meets your needs when it comes to sturdy and soft T-shirts, high-quality baseball caps and brand-name swim wear.

Here you’ll find all the popular names in the comic world. Organized attractively in a bright displays, Batman and Superman beckon you. It’s a great place for the kids, or just for the kid-at-heart. After all, the offerings here come in all shapes and sizes. From extra-large dads to the tiniest babies, everyone can deck themselves in quality comic themed gear.

It’s a departure from the usual beach-stall wares to be sure. Excellent for anyone who’s forgotten to pack a staple item, the Superman shop carries items that can be worn again and again. Because of the brand names and quality construction, this shop might not be ideal for those traveling on a shoestring. But if you’re in the market for some funky, colorful items that will last well beyond your vacation, this shop is worth a visit.


With a small team Chockdee prides itself on handmade pieces custom fitted. They work with a. Variety of metals but gold is the primary choice for most pieces. If white gold, platinum or silver are desired they also have these metals on site, but the primary metals are 14k and 18k gold. Rings come in a variety of designs and styles with more designs in their books the staff at ChockDee can make nearly anything you need.

They also feature a wide range of precious and semi-precious stones which can be set into rings, necklaces and bracelets if needed. Depending on the order list the team at ChockDee can usually get rings made custom fitted to your fingers in as little as 3 days, but it’s best you talk with the staff in person. 

ChokDee also feature a number of pieces which can viewed and purchased off the shelves. Most of their pieces on display are in silver but there are a number of their pieces in gold and white gold.

Price-wise ChokDee is one of the most competitive Krabi has to offer considering the pieces are all hand made and often made to order as per your requirements. 



Himalayan Treasures

Opened in 2016 as the couple had had great success with their online shop and brick and mortar shops in Australia, they decided to set up shop in Ao Nang and stay put for sometime. Originally getting in to the jewelry trade back in the late 90’s Brandon Wilson found he had a new found skill. Brandon designs: rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants and sources raw gemstones from Burma, Thailand, India and other places for his jewelry. 

Opening their first brick and mortar outlet store in Australia Brandon decided to go online and offer his pieces all over the world. Since then his family has joined him on a number of adventures around in world searching for stones and different jewelers to bring his creations to life. Now their life has come to the growing community of Ao Nang and they have opened their first shop across the street from Krabi Resort in downtown Ao Nang. 

Specializing in hand made pieces featuring a range of stones from precious to semi precious mostly set in silver but also they can make any custom piece needed. Highly recommend for their customer service and quality of pieces.

Article: Jewels to Remember

Hours: daily from 10am – 10pm


Shopping in Krabi Town

Outlet Village 

The Outlet village is a collection of many different brand name shops offering international recognized quality products at a fair price in Krabi. Featuring brand names such as Puma, Levis & Strauss, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Timberland and many more there is certainly what you need at the outlet village. 

The whole shopping complex is split into a number of different areas for kids, babies, young adults, women, men, footwear and a number of other sections to make shopping all the easier. If you are looking to stay a little linger, or maybe a boyfriend has to wait while your girlfriend browses there is a coffee shop in the front of the outlet village, grab a cup and relax. 

Located outside Krabitown on the way to the airport, it is hard to miss seeing the large sings outside the outlet village.

Hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 (9am) – 20:00 (8pm)


Krabi Night-market (Walking street)

Krabi Night market is one of the quintessential shopping outlets in Krabi. It’s basically a weekend market that offers some truly stunning local artistry that can found only at the Krabi Night market. Operating every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6pm -10pm it’s a full on experience for the whole family. There is food, music, events and performances as well as of course plenty of unique handicrafts to be bought.

The food options on site range from traditional Southern Thai curries and soups to Northeastern dishes such as Laab or Cow Soi and papaya salad. The dishes are not only Thai though, there is a burger stand, a Kebab maker and a potato twist merchant. The beauty about Night Market is that you just wander and eat, the food is mostly served to be eaten on the go. So you can grab a fistful of anything and wander along the road, eating slowly admiring the handicrafts on site. 

There is a central performing area which features nightly performances. Each one is only a few minutes long but there is always a great number every night, so the stage will nearly always be full. 

Keep it in mind that this is the largest night market in Krabi so it’s busy. If you plan to drive you motorbike here please remember where you park as you can easily misplace your motorbike. If you intend to take a seat at one of the central tables it’s best to try to send a person in your group to claim a table as early as possible as the tables fill up fast.

Article: Krabi Night Market

Hours: Friday – Sunday 18:00 (6pm) – 21:00 (9pm)


Pakaram Shop

Founded some 20 years ago Pakaram souvenir shop is one of the first of it’s kind in Krabi. Featuring unique and quality items from around the region from handmade leather jewelry, to hand carved mango wood bowls. There are also a range of hand sewn backpacks of a cool retro style as well. Finally you’ll find a number of unique printed pants, shirts and other garments to fill your suitcases with.

The Pakaram shop is owner operated so ask the man behind the counter any question and you will find a genuine passion for helping you find what your looking for or answer any question you might have. 

Recently the owner decided to open a coffee shop and book store just next to the pakaram souvenir shop.Filling rack after rack with a wide range of novels and historical readings in a number of languages such as Spanish, German, English and Russian. Browse the racks then grab a cup of coffee and watch boats troll up and down the Krabi river in the backdrop. 

A great place to shop spa visit if you are visiting Krabi or have lived here for a number of years, it is certainly one of our favorite places in Krabitown to spend a few hours.

Hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 (9am) – 20:00 (8pm)



Your go-to shop for everything you need for your home or villa. The Thai version of Home Depot (for American’s, or Carre four for French) basically everything you could need to improve or build your home. There are Smart TV’s and an electrical section, there is an outdoor garden section with everything from fertilizer and garden hoses to pots and shovels. There is a furniture section with dressers, cabinets and desks. There is a huge section for electrical appliances for things life Washings machines, refrigerators, fans and air-conditions.

It is conveniently located in Krabitown on the way to the Krabi international Airport. 

Homepro is one of the few places in Krabi to accept visa and MasterCard payment options, so you can save up points while you shop for your home.

Homepro also offers home services and building estimates as well as home improvement services. So if you have a project that’s too big for yourself talk to the staff in the customer section of homeport, they will be able to help you with anything you need.

Hours: daily 09:00 (9am) – 20:00 (10pm)


Big C

Opposite to the popular Homepro, Big C is your go-to large scale department store with a range of departments. A large section of the store is dedicated to grocery items such as dry goods, fresh produce, meat and daily products as well as imported goods.

There is a large alcohol section fully stocked with a range of wines, spirits and beer, but be aware that Under Thai Law Big C can only sell alcohol after 5pm.

The electronic appliance section is full of TV’s, Stero sound systems, phones and a range of other computer peripherals as well as numerous home electronic appliances to choose from for your home or villa. There are a number of other sections such as children, shoes, home-improvement, exercise and fitness as well as dry goods and fresh produce. 

Big C is kind of your one stop shop for pretty much everything you could need for your home.

Hours: daily 09:00 (9am) – 22:00 (10pm)