Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! 

Out with the old and in with the new. Thats what they say right? Well Krabi is making it’s own changes this new year, one of them comes in the form of a new performance being offered at the current Muay Thai Stadium every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The performance is called The Andaman Shine and it’s purpose is to show off the culture of Krabi and the Andaman region but do so in a fun, colourful and intriguing fashion with lights, colors, all sorts of costumes, smoke, collars and of course many talented performers.

Krabi is a diverse place; it’s home to a range of cultures and religions groups both Buddhist, Islamic as well as Christian people live together, each culture and group respecting one another creating a balanced and healthy environment for everyone. Krabi and Southern Thailand for that matter is home of some of Thailand’s most prolific and busy rubber and palm plantations. These plantations provide jobs for thousands of residents and are actually one of the leading industries in the region. The fishing industry is another prolific industry throughout the region, a large number f the local population works on the many thousands of longtail boats which make the arduous journey day in and day out looking for squid, marlin, barracuda and many other aquatic treats. These

Andaman Shine Krabi

The original name for Krabi was actually Pakasai which means ‘sword’ and is thought to be named after an ancient sword found buried in the mouth of the Krabi river. The name was later changed sometime in the 29th century after Thailand became more of a cohesive unified country. There are many iconic statures dotted throughout Krabitown which were installed to remember people of the provinces history, from it’s 40,000 year old cave paintings in Khao Kanap Nam mountain to the sober toothed tiger, Krabi has been a place of discovery, friendship, unification and above all acceptance. People of difference breeds, difference beliefs, different ways of living can live side of side here in perfect harmony.

Andaman Shine Krabi

The Andaman Shine was thought to show off Krabi’s rich history, it’s long colourful timeline and it’s bright and ever evolving future all in a performance over the course of an evening. A team to choreographers was brought in from Bangkok to manage the dance routines, the costumes, the lighting and overall idea of what the owner wanted to display.

The whole performance is a fantastical one, set in Krabi but in a slightly altered realty, a somewhat of an alice in wonderland if you will but the characters and overbearing storyline is one set in Krabi about the provinces history and culture.

Andaman Shine Krabi

Showtimes are, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7pm-9pm and feature a buffet first with beer and refreshments served during the performance.

Come down and experience the wonder of The Andaman.