7th Heaven, a huge outdoor park and restaurant is located on a hillside only about 800 meters from the Ao Nam Mao Pier and about 4 kilometers from downtown Ao Nang. The interior of the park resembles that of an almost alice in wonderland thematic feeling to it. Sporting large cartoon statues and 4 meter tall chess pieces. Throughout the park is a feeling like the mat hatter is going to just out from behind one of the many statures.

Krabi 7 Heaven Park

From the top of the park you can enjoy amazing panorama views of Krabi river and Ao Nam Mao beach while you sip on a cocktail or fruit shake, and maybe dive into a more demanding mean such as massaman curry or shrimp with tamarind sauce. Overlooking the bay below while the sun is setting is truly and experience to take in, as the ocean is only a short 200 meters from the property but the top of the hill (which is also where you can dine from) is set back in the sky at around 60 meters giving you a feeling like you’re a bird in the sky.

Krabi Seven Heaven

Although some might find it hard to find it is relatively easy to navigate to from the main road connecting both Ao Nang and Ao Nam Mao areas, just 100 meters before the Ao Nam Mao roundabout you will see a sign on your right, simply follow this road and you’re see the immensity of 7th heaven on your right shortly thereafter.

Krabi 7 Heaven

The park was decorated with a somewhat shotgun effect feeling with a little bit of everything was placed throughout the grounds, from the light sized chess pieces to the massive railroad car sitting waiting to pull a train to Greek an Roman statues of gods and goddesses spewing water from their lips into large circular pools, 7th heaven has a little bit of everything. They even have live animals, with a pony and a small flock of lambs on sit at all times, so you can pet, feed and play with these friendly farm animals. Given they are mostly organized here for children, but if you’re an adult and you want to play with the pony, it’s ok nobody will judge your inner kid.

Although the park is located next to dense jungle and on a hillside there is little respite in the park grounds from the intense Thai sun. For this reason we strongly suggest you try to take your visit in the later afternoon (anytime after 3:30 pm) that way you won’t need to swim in suntan lotion prior to arriving.

There is a park entrance fee of 100THB / person for adults and 50THB / person for children so come prepared, but it’s a small price to pay to get an experience such as what 7th heaven can offer you.

Krabi Seven Heaven Park

For a photographer this is a must visit spot in Krabi. The diversity of colors, shapes, shadows and depth of field opportunities are just endless here at 7th heaven. For anyone who is interested in photography or getting into photography this is a must visit spot to hone your skills.

If you want to make whole day out of 7th heaven, there is live music on weekends so keep this in mind when you’re planning your week. Head over in the late afternoon, listen to country rock music flowing throughout the park as the sun sets in the background.

Monday – Friday from 11:00 to 21:00 hrs, Saturday – Sunday from 09:00 to 21:00 hrs
Soi 11, Krabi, Thailand Sai district, Muang Krabi
08 1437 1382
Krabi Seven Heaven website