Krabi Mountain Top Villa opened it’s doors to the public in December 2015, and has been hit ever since.

Krabi Mountain Top Villa was built by an Italian couple who wanted to see the ocean from their balcony and at a time when there were nearly no villas with that amenity available in Krabi.

Prior to it’s construction the areas which it was built in was nothing more than palm trees and local forests. Since then The Hilltop Restaurant and Bar has opened it’s doors only a short 200 meters from the villas terrace allowing for great seafood and thai food only a short walk away.

 Krabi Mountain Top villa - dinner

Built on top of the main hill in Ao Nang, Krabi Mountain Top Villa is centrally located so it is within walking distance from the main shopping and dining areas of Ao Nang, making exploration easily accessibly to the on foot, car or motorbike.

The hill can be a little work to get to the top of but the view is well worth the trip, just listen to a few of the guests that have come to stay on their Trip advisor page.

The interior of the villa was designed and built by the owners for their own use, not in order to establish a rental property, so everything is in place for a truly homely experience. Jim Thomson fabric adorns the walls, pictures from around Krabi province surround the entryway showing off the many destinations available to guests while staying at the villa.

The couches are of a modern art deco look and give a certain liberating luxury. The beds made by slumberland are the best money can buy and ensure guests a great night sleep. the kitchen outfitted to the teeth with an electric grill, toaster oven, 3 gas burners, 2 hot plates, rice cooker, microwave and much more giving anyone staying there a variety of options when preparing meals.

There is even an in villa chef which can be called to prepare personal meals for guests, for more information on this service it’s best you contact the villa management team directly.

Close by the villa is a variety of restaurants serving up the best food in town. Starting with The Hilltop Restaurant & Bar, followed closely by Lae Lay Grill, Umberto’s Italian Cuisine and Carnivore steakhouse. All of these revered restaurants in Ao Nang are within a short 500 meter walk from the villas front doorstep so you have Thai, seafood, Italian and steakhouse options right at your fingertips while at the villa.


Looking for some time in the sun? Well you’re in luck. Ao Nang beach is only a short 1 kilometer walk from the front step of the villa. From Ao Nang beach you can take a private longtail taxi boat to Railay, well known as popular tourist destination. On Railay you can find world class rock climbing routes, pearly white sand beaches and of course those immense karats we all know and love so much.

Seaview dining got you up in a tizzy? Relax, you’re at the right place to not worry about it. Sporting spectacular views of Ao Nang and Nopparathara bays below. You can sip your coffee early in the morning hours and watch the sun come over the horizon lighting up the town below.

It’s pure heaven, nothing bothers you inside the villa walls, for the soft and steady breeze wafting throughout the villa nearly all day long, the chirping of the local birds flying by and the leaves rustling against one another, nothing can bother you while your relaxing up in the clouds.

Overall the villa is loaded to the teeth with items bought by the owners and have been maintained to their standards. You won’t find any bargain items on the shelves. It’s location makes it a one of a kind place for relaxing and getting around town, and the price is less than that of comparable villas in the area.

To get in touch with the villa management team visit their website:

Krabi Mountain Top Villa