SCUBA Diving Krabi

Krabi’s coastline spreads over 300 kilometers, thus making it a great place to find new beaches and get wet while exploring the underwater paradise. Scuba diving in Krabi opens the door to many opportunities to see and learn from the sea.

Over 150 islands dot the coastline offering a plethora of safe heavens for fish and coral to live and grow. A number of these islands are only rock outcroppings, without any beaches making them ominous and stunning to look at. Above water the islands are truly stunning to gaze up at but underwater the world is even more amazing.

There is a number of soft and hard corals which adhere to the rocks underwater and provide a small cracks and crevices for fish and small crustaceans to hide in. If you have the breath in you and have the desire you can head out on a snorkelling expedition and dive in to see what you can find.

If you’re a little more yearning for underwater adventures you can try your luck at SCUBA diving. The entire Andaman bay areas is quite shallow (relatively speaking) with most diving locations less than 30 meters the life underwater is rich and full of life. Scuba diving in Krabi is one of the best ways to catch a glimpse of the many underwater creates home to Krabi. Some of these species are: blacktop reef sharks, leopard sharks, numerous parrot fish, pipe fish, nudibranchs and of course the friendly clown fish.

SCUBA Diving in Krabi is a great way to see and learn more about our wonderful yet fragile oceans. Many of the diver crews at Sawasadee divers will tell you how important the ocean is to our planets health. Dive courses are available for those of all ages, starting from as little as 6 years old children can learn to Dive in Krabi alongside their parents of course.

How to SCUBA Dive?

You can do single day trips, to multiple day long courses and even if you have enough time do a dive master course. Single day trips start at around 3,500thb/person for a 2-3 dive day on Koh Phi Phi or Shark point/King cruiser and anemones reef. If you’re not a certified diver don’t worry you can also do a day of Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) where you will have a certified instructor within an arm’s length the whole time you are in the water. Sawasadee Divers have been serving thousands of happy customers in the Ao Nang area through their 5 star PADI certified IDC (Instructor Development Center). We suggest you get in touch with the seam at Sawasadee Divers to get more information on this amazing and fun sport. They speak, Thai, English, French making learning all the easier for the international community of Krabi.