These amazing Thai modified vehicles can save you time and money, plus give you a short adventure through town.

One of the first things you may have noticed upon your arrival into Thailand is that the locals might not have the most discretion when it comes to safety and personal wellbeing on the road! However, they make up for this in their creativity to modify and change cars and motorbikes to fulfill any need. We can safely call them “masters of the trade.”

You will see any number of examples of Thai ingenuity throughout your time in The Kingdom, but one of the more convenient means of Thai ingenuity are the simple Sawng Thaews you see driving around Ao Nang and Krabi town. These great vehicles drive on a circuit going from Ao Nang beach to the bus station in Krabi town and Tesco Lotus.

Sawng Thaew Krabi
Sawng Thaew Krabi

The name “Sawng Thaew” literally means “Two Benches”, and it’s easy to see why. These are basically Toyota trucks that have been fitted with a seating area in the back, cover for rain protection and even a rear step for extra passengers who cannot fit in the seating area to stand and get some serious wind while they drive from stop to stop.

Prices are cheap on these great vehicles, expect to pay somewhere between 30THB – 60THB depending on the distance you need to travel.

Just simply flag one down as you see them pass by, jump on and head out to your destination. There is a bell inside the back area which you can push to let the driver know he should stop for you. Once you disembark just go to the driver and he will inform you of your fare.

If you are worried about missing one of these useful vehicles, don’t worry. When they are driving around town they regularly honk their horns inviting anyone to jump aboard for a ride. So keep you’re ears peeled for a regular hong and horn, look up and you cannot miss them.

In the rare instance you do miss your ride, or possibly it is full, don’t fret, they come all the time, especially during the afternoon hours. You can expect to wait 15-25 minutes for another on to pass by.