All is quiet except for the sounds of the ocean waves in the back ground, with the occasional whir of a longtail boat or the sound of distant children’s laughter. Ruean Siam restaurant is located at the end of a “blink and you’ll miss it” road off the left of the main Klong Muang drive. A large red and white sign proclaims the turn off, so make sure to have someone on the lookout! You’ll immediately feel as if you’ve left civilization as you drive down the small path into the jungle, and when you glimpse the first signs of the ocean you’ll know you’ve come to the right place. Located on a seemingly isolated stretch of beach, Ruean Siam is the perfect getaway for travelers seeking to get away from the activity of the main strip, and you just might want to spend the whole day here instead of just for one meal.

Beat the heat with one of the featured frozen cocktails, a specialty that will have your mouth watering as soon as you sit down at one of the brightly decorated tables. A small souvenir shop is an added bonus, as is the beach view massage service, giving you one more reason to make it a day trip.

With sunny or shaded table options, enjoy a cold Chang in a frosted glass, served by the sweetest, smiling staff, or choose from the larger-than-expected wine list. Bring a blanket or towel and enjoy the beach after your meal, lazing In the sun or choosing the shade of the trees as you enjoy the sound of the cicadas singing to lull you away from city life.

An impressive selection of Thai dishes will be sure to impress, and the prices can’t be beat! You can expect to pay around 120 baht for a standard Thai dish, such as fried chicken with basil leaves, 300 – 400 baht for delectable seafood dishes, and plenty of options in between, including a variety of appetizers, desserts and vegetarian options. With plenty of options for private dining or large groups, the Ruean Siam is family-friendly, and the kids will love to play in some of the softest sand around after your meal. Quiet enough for a romantic date, large enough for family getaways and a paradise for digital nomads who have a local SIM card – because though the cell service is strong, true to the simple, peaceful vibe, the Ruean Siam does not offer wifi. Enjoy the gorgeous views while you relax , swim,  sunbathe and play in the sand at this remarkable gem.

Hours of Operation: 11:00 am – 9:30 pm

phone: +66 89 731 3411