Rock climbing in Krabi is one of the other quintessential activities to do in Krabi. It’s really understandable when you see the limestone karts up close and personal, they erupt near vertically from the forest floor to heights sometimes over 500 meters, and they are extremely porous due to the softness of the limestone. They are a rock climbers dream and have been drawing in climbers from around the world for decades now. Truly earning it’s spot on the top  activities in Krabi rock climbing is a great breath of fresh air, only you, your partner and the rock, nothing else matters, it’s almost a moving meditation if you will.

Krabi has all varying grades of rock to climb, from the easy to the most extreme 8b and 8c grace routes, some of the worlds leading climbing come here to train and improve their skills.

There are a number of climbing schools in the area who can offer full and half day trips to any skill level.

Real Rocks Climbing School just opened the firs climbing gear store in Krabi, carrying everything from ropes and quick draws to shirts and backpacks. If you are in need of anything climbing related get in touch with Real Rocks Climbing School

If your want to try out some of the beautiful rocks here in Krabi get in touch with the professionals here: