A family built resort, one with a truly personal touch…

Rak’s Thai Resort, located a short 300 meters from the popular Noparathara beach was originally named Jinnie’s place after the mother of the family, but later changed to Rak’s Thai Resort as when translated Rak’s Thai means ‘Love Thai’.

Logo Raks Thai Resort

The design of the resort was to be of a natural Thai orientation with substantial amounts of local clay brick work to make up the vast majority of the buildings. A lot of thought was also put into the open air aspects throughout the resort, where a number of the bathrooms are actually half exposed to the wind, and skies above. The space in between the individual bungalows and walkways throughout the resort are well planted with various local vegetation but also give plenty of space for wind to rustle through and sun rays to warm you up as you wander through this lush paradise.

The whole are of the resort was built over an area of approximately 10,000 Sq. meters, therefore  the 20 some rooms have plenty of space in between each other as well as the pool, reception and restaurant.

As one of the moto’s of Krabi is to keep Krabi clean and green, the owners decided it only fitting that the swimming pool be a natural salt water swimming pool. So the chemical input into the swimming pool is kept to a minimum and the guests who go in for a dive don’t get out with a slimy chlorine fleeing all over their skin. It’s also much more pleasant to be around for the staff and local animals.

Krabi Raks Thai Resort

The location of the resort is perfect as it’s only a short 300 meter walk from Noparathara beach, so guests can walk, rent a scooter or take a taxi and be in the heart of the town in no time at all. The resort itself features a restaurant serving Dim Sum styled dishes nightly, so it’s a great place for families, couples of large groups to dine in some of the less known local cuisines in the area.

Krabi Raks Thai Resort

Dim Sum is actually a Chinese dish, but as many Chinese immigrants came to Thailand over 100 years ago they brought with them their local cuisine, Dim Sum being one of those dishes. It has become somewhat of a local dish as these Chinese immigrants have lived in Thailand for so long they are a part of the local culture.

Across the street of the resort is the famous Muay Thai Stadium which hosts Muay Thai boxing competitions once or twice a week (depending on the season). Typically the fights are every Friday night and start at 9pm but it’s best you call the management ahead and confirm the exact time.

Krabi Raks Thai Resort

From the details in the rooms, to the greenery throughout the resort, it’s truly a special part of Krabi and a destination definitely worth visiting.

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