Railay, a short longtail ride from Ao Nang beach yet it’s not an island… Thats right Railway Bay is a peninsula, which is protected on 4 sides, 3 of them being the ocean and the fourth side is well jagged yet beautiful limestone karsts. So the only way there is to take a longtail boat from Ao Nang (or An Nam Mao).

Railay is a great place to come for the day as it is only a short 10 minutes longtail boat ride from downtown Ao Nang and offers numerous activities to keep busy with.

There is the viewpoint, only a short 30 minute hike and provides you with a birds eye view of Railway Bay.

The phallac cave, “fertility cave” some and see over 500 wooden carved shlongs, some will fit in your ear, others will be taller than you.

Try to fingers on the rocks with some climbing, Railay is world famous for being one of the best spots to rock climb in, who not see what all the fuss is about.

Deep water solo, cruise on a longtail boat around the peninsula, dive into the turquoise waters and then climb up 20 meters up an impressive limestone wall, look down and hurl yourself from the top.

or just sit on the beach and take in a great vantage point to water the unset.

Everyone’s going places, where are you going?

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