Even during the low season, you’ll often find this place packed, and with good reason. With a number of stylish competitors on the Railay walking strip, Railay Family Restaurant keeps it simple and sweet. Offering authentic Thai cooking at prices that will have you coming back more than once while you’re on the peninsula. With a bright and cozy, covered outdoor dining area and a handful of simple, tightly spaced tables, you’ll see that people are here for the food. It’s simply because this is where you’ll find the tastiest local eats on the beach. You’ll find all the right Thai flavours here, prepared with an unrivaled mastery at Railay Family Restaurant.

Try the delicious Panaeng curry with steamed rice, fried rice with cashew nuts or a filling pad thai wrapped in an egg. Fresh seafood graces the menu in stir-fries with local spices and vegetables, steamed squid and spicy Thai soups. Also a number of spring rolls, salad rolls and fried shrimp can be added as appetizers. A generous helping of breakfasts, sandwiches and surprisingly, Indian food is also available. For those sweet tooth diners  you’ll find typical Thai desserts like mango sticky rice and crispy pancakes. While you may be paying for style at some of the larger establishments on Railay Beach, the Railay Family Restaurant keeps it all about the food, and prices stay low here so you’ll have more money leftover to enjoy the rest of your vacation. 

Hours of operation : 9:00 am – 10:00 pm 

Phone: +66 63 058 3321