with world class beaches, viewpoints, a range of food options, kayaking, rock climbing and so much more there’s just so many top things to do on Railay Beach, why not visit. Access is easy as it’s only a short 10 minute long tail boat ride from either Ao Nang pier or Ao Nam Mao pier with taxi boats. The taxi boats begin their daily trips at 8:30am and stop running at night around 8pm. Basically you can catch a boat all day long to and from Railay Beach

Railay Beach is a small area of around 1.5 sq. Kilometers so it’s an easy place to walk and explore by foot. In fact you probably will not see any motorbike while on Railay beach as there are only about 4 for the whole region.

While on Railay Beach there are a number of things and activities to do in order to keep you and your companions busy. Take a try out Stand Up Paddle-boarding, rock climbing, kayaking, and much more while staying on one of the most iconic places in Krabi. We have listed our favorite places to see and things to do while you are a guest on Railay beach. 

If you are looking for places exact location please follow the maps included with each recommendation to make navigation easier and faster for you. If you would like to gather more information feel free to get in touch with our team or contact the business directly.

Have fun and enjoy your time exploring the many top things to do on Railay Beach

Walk on down Railay Beach walking street

Walking street, Railay beach, krabi thailand
Railay Beach Walking Street - A Great Shopping Street For such a small place, Railay Beach certainly has its fair share of shopping - you can get just about anything here. Its two halves feature distinctly different vibes. Meaning that you can go from backroom, budget finds to the opulent and extravagant, simply by walking a few hundred metres. While the concrete walkway of Railay East plays host to a number of small shops, restaurants and other businesses, the real beach vibes are to be found on Railay West. On railay West a super-cool walking street tempts you with all the food, drink and clothing you could desire, all with your toes still in the sand. You'll find the arched entrance to the walking street flanked on both sides by the Flame Tree restaurant - popular both because of its ace location and menu selection. Though you might be tempted to...

Diamond Cave

Diamond cave railay beach
Walk under million year old stalactites at Diamond Cave With all the stunning geological features in this area, it's no surprise that Krabi is home to a few caves, and Diamond Cave Railay Beach is no exception. Completely closed in by towering cliffs that cut it off from the mainland, the Railay peninsula is host to a number of caves in varying sizes. When it comes to pure natural wonder, the Phra Nang Nai cave is the most impressive. Located a short walk inland from Railay West, you'll find Phra Nang Nai. Otherwise known as the Diamond Cave, on the way to Highland Rock Climbing and the Railay Phutawan Resort. The entrance is staffed by national park officials who will collect the entrance fee - 100 THB for children and 200 THB for adults - before admitting you to this spectacle of nature. A walkway made out of concrete beams will lead...

Watch a Fire show

Railay beach fire show
Watch men twirl fire sticks off on into the night To watch a Fire show on Railay Beach is one of the most quintessential things to do while staying on the peninsula. Railay Beach is all about good times, so it's no surprise that there's an active nightlife scene here. When the sun goes down, the lights turn on and the music gets louder at a number of establishments known for their parties. One feature that's paramount is the nightly, live fire shows, set to pumping music and devoid of any western safety standards that would just put a damper on the fun. Watch as the pros show off their impressive poi spinning, baton twirling and juggling skills in the warm haze of the dazzling inferno. Fire shows can be found at several places around the peninsula every night, with different bars hosting performers on each night of the week....

Kayaking on railay beach

kayaking on railay beach
Circumnavigate Railay Beach on a kayak With all the natural wonders so close at Railay beach, you'll want a cooler mode of transportation, and kayaking on railay beach is the perfect way to get around here. There are a number of shops along the walking strip that offer kayak rentals and lessons. Although we recommend the easiest way is to walk along the beach and spot the kayaks. Rentals go by the hour or by the day, and the bold can venture as far out as nearby Poda or Chicken Islands, with tour operators offering you a tow for a fee if you don't feel like paddling back on your own. Many of the resorts in the area will offer their own kayak service, sometimes complimentary, and even if you don't stray too far, there is still plenty  of unique places to explore nearby. Paddle north to get up close...

Visit Phra Nang beach

para nang beach railay beach
Enjoy the stunning beauty of Phra Nang Beach Phra Nang Beach is one of the top wonders Railay Beach has to offer, and when you see it you'll know exactly what we mean. Almost completely devoid of industry, the beach remains untouched save for the lavish Rayavadee Resort. Its pristine, white sand is the softest you'll find, and the swimming conditions unparalleled. In the water, you can swim to a large karst that stands a stone's throw from the shore. The crescent-shape of the beach means that you can explore the rocky outcroppings on either side while the sun shines down upon you. Sounds perfect, right? It is, and Phra Nang Beach has got a few other surprises as well. On the southeast end of the beach sits a cave, and though the cave itself is rather small, it's got some special qualities. Legend has it that an Indian princess was shipwrecked...

Try out rock climbing

Rock climbing railay beach
Head up the cliffs and Try out rock climbing If you've been drawn to visit Thailand's scenic Krabi province, it's likely that you're already impressed by the soaring limestone cliffs that jut high up into the sky, giving this area its signature landscape. Formed out of hundreds-of-million year old coral reefs, the signature karst towers are created by carbon dioxide dissolved in rain water seeping through the rock, forming magnificent and unique structures. To be honest these karsts are the likes of which can be seen in only a few places around the world. But these commanding geological formations are more than just pretty to look at - they hold a host of other opportunities. If you've ever been rock climbing, you know what we're talking about. Krabi province is one of the world's premier destinations for this extreme sport, and thrill-seekers from all backgrounds can get in on the action...

SUP Paddle board

Stand Up Paddleboard Railay Beach
Paddle around Railay and explore on SUP Board During the high season, the waters around Railay beach are calm and inviting, offering perfect conditions for an activity that gets more popular every year -Stand Up Paddleboard Railay Beach or SUP, as it's more commonly known. If you've never tried this kind of over-water exploration before, Railay is a great place to give it a go. Trying out Stand Up Paddleboard on Railay Beach is ideal because with all the scenery around here, you're going to want to get up close and personal. Luckily, there are a number of places that will rent you a board, but for the full experience we recommend heading over to Freebird Stand Up Paddleboard Company, located on the Railay walking street. In addition to board rentals, Freebird SUP offers lessons for first-timers and seasoned paddlers looking to learn some new tricks. In addition and worthy of...

Hike to the lagoon and viewpoint on railay beach

railay beach viewpoint
Take a short 30 minute climb to look out over all of Railay beach Days on Railay Beach can easily be lazy, relaxed and full of sand, sun and delicious meals. If you're the type of traveler who is craving a bit of adrenaline and activity, there's something for you as well. In addition to all the world-class rock climbing, hikers and scramblers can have their fix on the Railay viewpoint and lagoon hike. Actually two separate hikes that split off near the Viewpoint on railay beach, this is a popular trail that will leave you exhausted, exhilarated, very dirty and blown away by the panoramic vision of the bay below. Though the trailhead is not exactly hidden, it is easy to miss if you're not looking for it. Located on the left side of the path connecting Railay Beach East to Phra Nang Beach. You'll start your ascent across...