Learn the art of Thai cuisine

No Thai vacation is complete without a crash course in local cookery. If you’ve chose Phi Phi as your destination, you won’t miss out. At Pum Thai Restaurant & Cooking School is located in central Phi Phi Don. The restaurant itself offers a selection of reasonably priced items, without a large and intimidating menu. Those looking to drop in for a bite can sample different kinds of food without a lesson. Besides rice and noodles, try chicken and beef skewers, curries and soups. Sometimes, you just can’t get enough and need to try some more at home. Therefore, consider a cooking lesson. Pum herself hosts a variety of classes. The hungry and rushed can choose quick and easy courses.

Some classes include a tour of the local market, where you’ll lean about the ingredients and see a different side of the culture. Options are available for those looking to balance a healthy lifestyle with a love of delicious food. In addition to these, you can also choose to spend a whole day with Pum. Many courses come with one of her three published cookbooks, and the Pum’s Grand Chef course comes with all three! Because Pum’s has options ranging from a quick bite to an all day adventure, there’s something for everyone. Additionally, all dishes can be made vegetarian.

Check their website for more details, or just drop by!

Hours of Operation :

11:00 am – 9:00 pm