Koh Hong is one of Krabi’s must see delights and on the top list of must do activities in the province. It’s name comes from the room like lagoon at the islands center. In Thai “Hong’ means room so the island was aptly named after it’s ‘room like’ lagoon. We recommend a private trip to Koh Hong to take in the beauty of this island while not on someone else schedule.

A trip to Koh Hong will take you to not only one island (Koh Hong) but also it’s two smaller sister islands Pak Bia and Lading, both beautiful in their own way. The islands are a testament to the unique geology in Krabi as you can get up close and person with the rocks jutting out from the water. As you will notice there is a certain concave shape cut away to the rocks closer to water level, this is simply the salt water eating away at the porous limestone over the millennia. A private trip to Koh Hong is an ideal day trip for those that want to take a trip to some of the famous Krabi islands but don’t want to be overwhelmed by the massive crowds on either Koh Poda or Koh Phi Phi and don’t want to be on someones else schedule. 

The other islands visited on the trip to Koh Hong are:

Koh Lading: Koh Lading features a long open Northern facing beach. There is also a little cove at the Western end of the island perfect for taking pictures of the rock archway overlooking the Phang Nga Bay in it’s backdrop, as all as a The other island next to Lading island which can be accessed by walking during low tide, at high tide you must swim to reach it, but the distance is not far, only about 30 meters separate the 2 islands. This other island is much smaller but is a great place to set yourself up on as it’s almost always empty and is home to some very cool rocks which are wonderfully shaped to take great photos in front of. Also this location is in an ideal spot for enjoying a perfect Western facing sunset.

Koh Pak Bia:
The second island is Pak Bia and it was the host of the final stage of the 2012 Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition, which crowned the Russian diver Artem as the winner (LINK HERE). Pak Bia offers a more cove shape to it’s beach and is perfect for snorkeling around the edges of the cove. It’s a great place to have your lunch as there is plenty of shade and some swings there too to play around on. This is usually a most busy beach due to it’s size and popularity so we typically recommend you arrive here early as to avoid the crowds.

The Lagoon: The third stop is the famous Lagoon of Koh Hong. this is only accessible at high tide so depending on the tide for the day this might be your first or last stop, the captain will inform you of the days tide and therefore when you will visit the lagoon when you first start out for the day. The lagoon itself is accessed by only a small channel no more then 10 meters wide, making coming through the entranceway a magnificent experience. Once inside the lagoon the boat will slow to a troll and just navigate the perimeter of the lagoon, taking time to absorb the amazing scenery all around. Look out at the islands Western edge in the mangrove trees there is a colony of fruit bats which live there, they usually spend the afternoon sleeping in the mangrove trees and come to life at dusk, so who knows you might get luck on fr the day and you might get to see them waking up and flying around your boat.

Koh hong: The last stop (of first depending on your preference) is Koh Hong. The long tail boat will park at the islands floating pier where all members of the party will be asked to pay the national park entrance fee of 300thb for foreigners and 100thb for Thai’s. This needs to be paid in cash upon arrival to Koh Hong.

Once on Koh Hong there are 2 main beaches to explore, both are great but the larger of the two and more cove shaped beach is our preferred choice, you get a certain feeling that you’re protected from the outside world in this cove, and that nothing can bother or get in your way.

We recommend taking a private trip to Koh Hong (or speedboats trip) this way you get to see the beauty of the island(s) but get to do so at your own pace. Maybe your group wants to take a nap on Pak Bia after lunch before going to Koh Hong, not a problem when you have your own private trip you control the time at each stop. Not to mention that your on a boat for your specific group offering everyone their own little Krabi adventure. While on your private boat you and your company can feel free to be who you are, play and be free at your own leisure.

If your interested in seeing the fantastic Island at your own pace we suggest you contact:

info@krabi-magazine.com and we can arrange a trip to Koh Hong trip for you.