Minivan trips through Krabi:

There are 3 areas most commonly visited on the trip through Krabi, they are The Tiger cave temple, the emerald pool and the Hot springs. We highly recommend visiting them at some point during your time in Krabi, for they are the main jungle based excursions available to visitors in Krabi. You can arrange this trip anyway of the week but if you choose to do this trip on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you can also stop at the Krabi town Night Market on the way home.

Krabi is well known for it’s nature and biodiversity. Traveling through the countryside and seeing what Krabi has to offer in the back of a private minivan is one of the best ways to do see Krabi. There are literally thousands of untouched acres of forests in Krabi protected by the national park’s services of Thailand. The animals which roam the countryside and the destinations inside these national parks are what makes Krabi such a special place. It can be difficult to choose what to prefer to get around in Krabi. This is why we wanted to make things easy and recommend 2 options:

Option 1: Take a trip through Krabi to see the Emerald Pool, Hot springs and Tiger cave temple with number of other people, the price is around 1,300thb/person.

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Option 2: Take your own private minivan and explore these wonders at your own pace. Stay at each destination as long as you would like, take your time and enjoy the nature of Krabi at your leisure. Prices are a flat 4,000thb for a whole day trip for up to 8 people maximum.

Phone number: 085-069-4752