The Bali based brand 69 Slam has come to Krabi, bringing it’s fun, eccentric and stylish attire.

Originally found in Bali Indonesia in 2004, 69 Slam began it’s company to offer the growing surfing community in Bali an outlet where they could buy swimwear and beach attire that complimented their fringe lifestyle. A style they didn’t play to the drums of another, a brand with enough different styles which offered surfers a range of choices representing them as individuals. The trend in this fashion of Bali has since spread throughout the globe and now in 2017 there are 42 different stores worldwide.

69 Slam Krabi

Since their opening 69 Slam has grown in attraction not only among the surfing community but also among a much wider audience, people who just want to have a voice when they go to the beach. People who want to say, “Hey I’ve got something to say, I’ve got and idea and I’m not shy to tell you what it is”. 69 Slam has made people more aware of what they wear and conscious of how their attire matches with their lifestyle and personality.

What defines your personality, what makes you stand out from the crowd and be an individual. For many of us it’s what we wear, how we dress and what first impression we give to those around us. 69 Slam offers a style and design which screams out: jump in, play hard, laugh and be who you are. An unfitted vision of bring out the inter side of us all 69 Slam allows the who don it’s brand the option to start out above the crowd, to make others turn their heads and admire when you walk by.

Be yourself, By unique, Be free with 69 Slam

The brand’s style and ability to stay ahead of the current trends has garnered a substantial following worldwide. With over 55,000 facebook followers and over 100,000 instagram followers it’s presence is substantial and it’s voice is being heard more and more. And with the brand poised

Their products range from board shorts, and bikinis to backpacks, hats, shorts and T-shirts, but one thing that separates the 69 Slam brand from other competition is it’s use of bamboo fibres when creating many of it’s clothing lines. This might sounds strange but you have to feel these fabrics to understand the difference. Bamboo clothing is softer, longer lasting, more breathable, stretchable and just overall much more comfortable. It’s perfect to wear in a tropical environment as these clothes protect your skin from harmful UV sun rays and also don’t overheat your body much, as opposed to traditional cotton or synthetic fibres which can leave you sweating like mad in this sweltering sun.


Now it’s time to come back to Krabi

69 Slam KrabiAo Nang just opened it’s first 69 Slam branch at the end of 2016, it’s proprietors are from Italy and Thailand and are passionate about their brand. After working in the Phuket branch the couple seeing the immense growth and possibility of the brand in a beach going community such as Krabi saw the opportunity of relocating to Ao Nang and opening their own branch of the iconic brand 69 Slam. The idea of starting their own store was always present since the start of their business endeavours but it was just about finding the right area at the right time, Ao Nang is just that.

“Krabi provided us with so many opportunities” one of Ao Nang’s new location Lorenzo explains to us of the growth the whole region is experiencing and the whole of Phuket although there are many more visitors in the province there is such high level of competition throughout the island. Krabi is growing at a similar pace but still much younger in it’s life making the opportunity to get a foothold in the apparel industry much easier. With the main concentration of visitors to Krabi come to Ao Nang, and most of those visitors live on or close to the main beach walk which runs the length of the town, so most shopfronts if they show themselves off property have great foot traffic daily.

Without any other swimsuit and beach attire retailer in the area there couldn’t have been a better opportunity for the couple, so off they went, across the bay to Ao Nang. Soon after the 69 Slam shop was up and running, and already generating a significant interest level from the many window shoppers.

Khun Koy and Lorenzo come from different backgrounds, Lorenzo is and Italian from Florence, and Koh Koy his wife is from Buriram Thailand,now home to the #1 football team in Thailand. Lorenzo comes from a background in online marketing, in particular vacation property websites of which he build and managed a number of successful sites up until recently. When he decided to make a change in his lifestyle and come to Thailand for a different life. Khun Koy is a hard working woman who worked her way the ranks in the garment industry in Bangkok before she moved to Phuket to seek employment in a hotel or similar business. In Phuket she was fortunate enough to meet the wife of the 69 Slam importer to Thailand. The two of them had an immediate connection, so Khun Koy put aside her desire for hotel employment and began helping in the opening of new 69 Slam stores throughout Phuket. In total over the next 3 years Khun Koy would be instrumental in opening 5 separate locations throughout the island, 2 in Patong, 1 on Koh Phi Phi, 1 in Laguna Bangtao and 1 in Karon. Her work did not stop with only opening a new location, no she was also responsible for operating the stores as well, managing staff, orders, invoicing and all the other issues which comes up when operating retail outlets.

69 Slam Krabi

Lorenzo and Khun Koy met in Phuket and began talking about the option of opening their own store front, it was juts a matter of when and where. Their prayers were soon answered in Ao Nang, and the rest is history.

69Slam is a vibrant, colourful, energetic brand that’s gaining traction with unique prints and styles, a refreshing logo and a cool community of followers worldwide. Based off Bali has expanded to many countries worldwide, Thailand being one of the biggest and most recent markets. There is room for growth and Ao Nang is for sure the right place to expand and push the brand even further.

If your interested in seeing more of what 69 Slam has to offer you make the trip to see some of their outstanding products on display daily from 10am-11pm

159/9 Moo 2 Ao Nang Krabi 81000